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    1. David Quesada

      Dijo el niño que las letras de Cardi B son inspiradoras🌝

    2. Cody Ash

      Wanna be the next Ed Sheeran? Easy. Just get some very basic guitar lessons, a vocal coach to only teach you the elementary vocal techniques and parents with money who can buy your studio time and entire management team and you’re set!!

    3. Eng.Ahmed Abbas

      RIP. Chadwick Boseman


      j'adore mr.Cordon,Ramsay

    5. Mika Meyers

      R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman! Gone but never forgotten!

    6. Actxve_abi

      Ok wait is it only me who it’s more cringe then exiting to meet you favorite celebrity

    7. Mia A

      That little boy getting surprised by cardi b is so cute

    8. crazy_killer

      How could you dislike this

    9. Kobe Randle

      the last one got me

    10. randell manzon

      7:52 The kid was lucky to meet Chadwick Bozeman R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

    11. Loos Cara

      The first one of Chris Evans was not a fan, it was one of the cast members of The Avengers

    12. Ashley Klinger

      RIP Chadwick

    13. Peter Houlis

      Whos are bts ?? Im old i know lol

    14. Bishakha Das

      Canada Kumar clip just ruined the whole mood.

    15. Daniele MandyMandy

      3:50 i'm confused........ XD

    16. Alaskan Pride

      Rest in piece Chadwick

    17. GEORGI Launaluniva


    18. Alicja Bednarczyk

      8:03 I love black panter

    19. Did somebody Say DMT?

      I gave EVH dap and he gave me a pick. I was on the floor up against the barrier in front of stage right during the "For Unlawful Carnage" tour. Only celebrity I've ever been that close too! Until years later I was sitting five feet from DLR backstage when he wasn't doing so well and was playing smaller venues. This was literally like a week after losing his girlfriend. He was a very somber Dave at the time but such good dude none the less. The only two celebrities I've ever met and both just so happen to be with the greatest rock band in history. Can you believe I lost the pick?,lol. What an idiot.

    20. Phebe Braeckman

      The bts and lady gaga

    21. Yusra K

      Not Chris H saying on camera "wht u doin?"

    22. Yusra K

      When the celebrity surprises you but you dont know them

    23. CloudyPanda

      Rest In Peace chadwick Rest In Peace 😔

    24. • •Mxsty Berry• •

      Mad respect to the kid who dropped his stuff to make his way over to Gordon 🤌

    25. Rob

      Ok the Chadwick Boseman one really hit me hard! That little boy is now being guarded by the Black Panther forever! RIP to both

    26. Paya Sandali

      My heart broke after seen Chadwick

    27. Megan Campbell

      Not all celebs are vile, Hollywood, punks. Some are people who were given or gifted with fame and decided to share it in a positive way.

    28. D A Y A

      Wakanda forever ❤️

    29. Nur Fitri

      I love Thor

    30. mahesa rendy

      Thay boy view cardi b videos ?

    31. UnagiThunder

      Imagine having Cardi B as a role model.

    32. Mr77Zorac

      I got a bit teary there

    33. David Wokojance

      Nice! In the LeBron one you can see my buddy's tattoo shop. Assassin Tattoo in Akron. I knew he was there to record a commercial for blaze pizza but I never saw him pranking people. My buddy posted videos he recorded from inside his shop though. It was cool. Not a lot happens here in Akron... Lol

    34. Chelsea Rhue

      Omg the old ass Justin bieber videos that I used to watch as a literal child

    35. Live To Win

      Indians go like sir sir sir sir sir hahhaha

    36. Danny Doniña

      king james👑 i love you 😍 long live my king🙏

    37. zaxy_candy

      The rock: looks at Fortnite Also the rock: kids-

    38. andy rakhmadhani

      Eeuuhh...BTS plastick🤣🤣

    39. First and Last every time

      I wish shawn mendes surprise me 😍😍😍

    40. Marvin Jonathan

      Chris pratt and demi lovato are the best , their modesty are just amazing

    41. unofreaz

      I dont think i seen anybody with more surprising your fans than justin bieber he really gives back to his fans

    42. Charlie Bradford

      I wish I got surprised by Virat Kohli

    43. Om Pawar

      that lucky boys who met virat..!!!!!!!!!!!!

    44. Justa Fungui Coins

      I'm not one who particularly cares about celebrities, but no matter who you are this should put a smile to your face.

    45. Krislan Periodico

      1:49 man of steel Lol

    46. Krislan Periodico

      Cardi has a little bit of accent of one of the philippines languages

      1. Krislan Periodico

        Especially when she laugh Lol.

    47. carolina avila

      8:02 Awwwww :´)

    48. - The Hopkins Family

      Everyone thinks Gordon Ramsay is so rude but he has a good heart ❤️

    49. Gabriel A

      This all looks like staged and planned acts. These soo called “Celebrities “brainwash soo many people to worship them. Our God Jesus Christ says to worship no man only the king. ✝️💪🏽We are living in the ends times clearly, Because now we call good evil and evil good like the Bible said would happen.wake up people

    50. Antonio Horn

      Celebratess are just regular people I don't know why they all get so excited

    51. Trân Lê

      i very love Carbi B, Katy Perry, Ariana grand and billie eilish

    52. 』Pastel Skiies『


    53. 』Pastel Skiies『

      Me when Billie Eilish surprised her fans: OH COME ON, WHO DOESN'T LOVE BILLIE EILISH , SHE'S INCREDIBLE 😩❤️😭, I want to meet herrr

    54. paul cousin

      Wow ..chadwick....rest in legend...brought a tear...

    55. yvonne Gwarizy

      Wo i am a fan of cardi b

    56. Primitive Entertainment Ideas

      Yes very happy and funny I love watching

    57. Sirvaggos

      was that young dylan?

    58. Sara Garrido


    59. GetOffTheLawn

      I'm sure somebody already wrote it but what are the odds of meeting Demi Lavato twice in your life. Bizarre

    60. Informal

      wow the chadwick bosemen one hit different he met a kid with cancer and later on dies from cancer... RIP

    61. Lloyd Addis

      If I'm that lucky and got to meet Ariana grande and justin bieber I will just die😭😭😭😭

    62. Panda Bear

      Cardi B like he is really someone all illuminati cabal players. What these people have done to America and to the world and the children will never be forgot like 9/11 and the oklahoma City Bombing Jfk MLK space challanger and more the great awaking is upon us. Time for the world to start waking up. To many sleepers out there..... And you to Lebron of all things pizza these people are sick.

    63. Clinton Harris

      I LOVE IT

    64. Cherif Mokdad

      I can’t stop crying watching these videos . I don’t know why

    65. FaZ-B

      When the boss of Drag Queen shows up 3:39

    66. southernelle

      Gordon Ramsey is precious.

    67. Venice Ford

      If yall don't know comethezine then yall should listen that song he made about demi Lovato.

    68. Vimbainashe Mungate

      Lady gaga's entrance so iconic❤

      1. Zoe Hennessy

        Anything with Lady Gaga is iconic

    69. Александр Чебаненко

      Понять одного не могу.. Че тут делают индийские "мега-звезды" из колхоза?

    70. Tilian

      Man, Gordon is the man. Bless that guy.

    71. bob gnarly

      the only reason I would ever want to be famous is so I could do this 🥺

    72. kiltimagh county mayo Ireland man 66

      The boy actually sound like cardi b he should be mini cardi b and do make up


      Akshay kumar he is in India 💜

    74. CableTzy

      0:49 :O

      1. CableTzy

        That kid is singing the hope song?

    75. pravin natchatra

      India s only touching leg s thuuu

    76. Pc Tech R


    77. CCR USA

      2:48 You spelled her name wrong. Everyone knows that is "Adele Dazeem". Just ask John Travolta!

    78. MmUmMoN josua

      Rip chadwick boseman

    79. samanta santos

      Wakanda forever😭

    80. LindaLuvsRamen

      Me seeing Gordon Ramsey: -_- My head: YoUr An IdIoT sAnDwIcH!!

    81. K A K A S H I √. N A O•

      Virat kohil finally my favorite cricket player

    82. Nicolas Posa

      omg i could imagen being that person i would be great

    83. P G

      i love cardi b, but when she was about to sit, i imagined the sound of balloons poping LOL

    84. KatEe

      Ahhhhh i wanna meet gordon ramsay😏😏

    85. Usser Usserusser


    86. Queenbee202 Rose

      Wow , so amazing

    87. siandort

      3:40 LMAOO

    88. Rara Yoon

      Rip tchalla chadwick king of wakanda


      RIP Boseman. Wakanda Forever

    90. Damasena Dias

      saha Akshay Kumar teh?

    91. Adaeze Korieocha

      Am so going to faint if someone suprises me with the boys🥺🥺😂

    92. X_Ray

      1:35 what the hell were they doing? Idk if it’s like something for their culture or anything, so sorry 😂

    93. Jizza

      Rest on Chadwick.

    94. Nicola Davis

      The last one was IT for me

    95. Nika Kobaxidze

      so Sweeeeeet

    96. Faisal Hamzah

      RIP Black Panther 😭

    97. tr3plep4c

      7:24 me when i see my crush in my room

    98. Shanice QUEENꨄ

      I'm sorry but the Indian guy was so funny akshay akshay akshay 😭😍

    99. Iniciativa Árbol Emprendedor Educación Financiera

      The Best Gordon 💪🇬🇧❤️