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    1. Ultimate

      1:54 what the hell, you can do that?

    2. Marcleyson Rodrigues

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    3. Nick Sicat


    4. Rizvee Ahmed

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    5. Franz Marquez

      2021 now, just leave the shitty music pls.

    6. Honest Truth

      came for the clickbait thumbnail where it at

    7. My Stupid Channel

      0:54 some GC rocket league stuff he did there

    8. Frank Brodie

      Too much ice hockey. I mean, come on. It's a game played with a small plastic disc, on ICE ffs. Random things are going to happen all the time. There's about 20% skill and 80% luck involved from the start.


      @8:07 NO "The Goal" In hockey from Alexander Ovechkin laying on the ice, back to the goal, over his head, sideways 🙄

    10. loverofallmedia

      4:43 looks like someone is learning from "the MAN! the MYTH! the LEGEND!" Scott Sterling

    11. Hamza

      3:25 the best ever!

    12. Harri Seppä

      What is this music?

    13. Adam Williams

      How to make sure viewer’s won’t bother clicking on your channel again: 1. Thumbnail not in video 2. Name your video 20 Rarest Goals, then have more than 30 highlights. 3. At least half of the highlights shown don’t feature a goal being scored. 4. Cut arguably the most amazing clip off (the Louis Oosthazen hole in one) before ball even lands on green. 5. At least 3 of the highlights are not from competitions, but exhibitions.

    14. Paulo Gabriel

      song name pls?

    15. Mato D.

      4:24 goalkeeper => idiot :D


      4:05 It didn't go over the net so I have no idea why it counted?

    17. Yaldabaoth

      3:54 if you look too much at the audience reaction, you will have a nightmare.

    18. darklight whatever

      i saw what..6 goals?!?

    19. Deekshith Reddy

      1:23 best part is how the opponent was getting ready. If the winning shot had more power, we could have potentially seen an amazing return.

    20. Daniel Oliveira

      Srs? No one? 4:40 "The woMan! The Myth! The LEGEND Scott Sterling!"

      1. Paul Michel Lange

        I thought i was the only one, THANK YOU.

    21. mrkeefor

      I am by no means a golf fan but that skimmed shot was amazing

      1. JoeJacobyforHallofFame

        It’s #16 at Augusta (Masters). They all try and hit that shot during practice rounds. It’s actually not that rare to get an ace doing it.

    22. Finn Corcoran

      I didn't see what happened to the golf one?

    23. get_AnthonyD

      Video Title: tOp 2o RaReSt GoAls iN SpOrtS HIstOrY: The first clip: Volleyball

    24. Jesús Tequida

      4:24 Offside.

    25. Shivam Agarwal

      Sundar ladkiyo se clickbait karta hai😂

    26. Justin Dimond

      she hit the ball twice in the first clip how does it count

    27. sokolyk

      3:52 Air Jordan logo

    28. Ang Pagbabago

      The thumbnail got me

    29. Arun James

      4:55 that must be Scott sterling's sister

    30. Concerneddd guy

      Why always thumbnail with pretty girl? I still click it.

    31. Joey Lu

      I see. You call everything a "goal".

    32. Dogan Mete

      4:16 am I the only one who noticed that giant thing between his legs?

    33. Benno Zappenduster

      It seems the guys know little about what a goal is but much about what baiting is.

    34. ツSanjay

      The thumbnail had me ;-;

    35. OpenMindedPL

      5: 35 cios dupa!

    36. Roger Vargas


    37. R D

      3:21 that celebration tho

    38. Jernej Demšar

      6:28 I swear that's the same sound as AgueroOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You know what I'm talking about.

    39. Snooby66

      A) They're not all goals B) ALL goals are "rare" because they are individually unique C) The music sucks almost as much as the guy that made this video.

    40. Viktor Kovačević

      americans should stop working on this kind of videos >

    41. Sphx Bss

      Someone needs to learn how to count to 20......

    42. Eric Shultz

      Ok, Ok. We get it. You like women's volleyball.

    43. Adam

      1:14 : Golf commentator finishes the basketball commentators sentence. If that editing was intentional, it's genious.

    44. bman342a

      Throwing the inbounds pass full court and sinking a basket, while certainly amazing, is actually not a "goal". Since the ball never touches another player it is technically not in play.

    45. Nemanja Simic

      20 rarest goals and the 1st clip is volleyball. lol

      1. Seawise Giant

        followed by Table Tennis shots, Lawn Tennis lobs, Golf drives, Ice Hockey

    46. Sir Amoras

      4:25 in Germany we call this a "Reklamierarm" from the king of "Reklamierarm" himself

    47. Michael King

      4:41 Scott Sterling's sister

    48. Random Person

      5:44 It was nice of the other guy to not just do a gentle tap, if he did the other guy would never have made it

    49. saba karimi


    50. Fc Bayern

      bad vid, noone is interested in volleyball and all of the volleyball goals were bad. I also didn't see some nice goals like the one from Valentino Lazaro which is really famous.

    51. Chris Pajak

      Good grief, get a new track on there.

    52. Cristian Dariescu

      That way is good to look

    53. Vielflieger71

      The craziest goals ever you can see at water-polo...

    54. Hydra Ab17

      Chr skt krpa

    55. Анатоль

      0:21 - the goal has been scored by player of russian hockey club named "Avangard" (or "Avant-garde" for english-dpeakers) from my hometown Omsk

    56. Terry Alfred

      3:27 casual Stag Celly.......

    57. Binge Binge

      Oh deer...

    58. Pool Dog

      o you mind that drug addicts win? No, no ... We celebrate their victory ... Better, we have shit in our eyes ...

    59. Solo Inter

      1:17 ? 🤔🤔

    60. gru despicable


    61. Boyan Bo

      6:57 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

    62. dyosa manuel

      that was something!

    63. Alex Cheung

      This was neither 20, nor rarest, nor in most cases goals. How does this video have over a million views and this channel over a million subs?

    64. Цхемуиле Ницк

      oh dear

    65. Greg Norstrom

      I scored a goal like 4:25 once in rec league soccer. I did nothing, my teammate made a nasty pass and it just bounced off me... highlight of my sports career.

      1. Alen


    66. Shane daviau

      The guy that was golfing i didn't see anything just a him swinging.what did I miss

      1. Miguel

        Same lmao

    67. FrostMelon

      2:10 ball did hit the ground... BS! not a goal

    68. moshe yuval

      1:17 WTF

    69. hayley beetham

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    70. Christian Gallagher

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    71. calvin gobbler

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    72. calvin gobbler

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    73. Andy Lee

      4:42 lol

    74. R DC

      4:50 wtf? The meme is true


      Creo que la mejor fue la del golfista, mn 6:58 aunque algo me dice que esa esta editada

    76. Rick Foster

      That soccer/football goal early in the video was a real ... ahem ... double header!!! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

    77. Trendy Insight

      4:03 That Table Tennis shot was insane, what a save! Never have I seen that before and I play the game once in awhile!

    78. Magic Skillz

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    79. ahoorakia

      there is no goal in volleyball or tennis or PGA !!

    80. Kol Andy

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    81. vishal.v.c choudhari

      3.20 really never felt happier than this...

    82. DarKyzer NM

      this is not what i expecting through the thumbnail

    83. Latasha Martinez

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    84. William Brown

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    85. 13canadians

      the deer is the best one

    86. Patrick Dare

      Was waiting for the Ovechkin goal against Coyotes.

    87. Tanja Nichole

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    88. Roblox Account

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    89. PiFsc2

      2:52 AOMINE ?!

    90. Willy Chiang

      4:42 Scott Sterling! The man! The myth! The legend!

      1. Prince ĬŚÇỜŦỚ

        I was looking for this comment :D

    91. Carey Augustina

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    92. Barış Özyıldırım


    93. Nicholas Halom

      3:30 I did that in High School. My school isn't big enough to have a Boys Volleyball team (even gender distribution for sports, so Guys had Football, Girls had Volleyball), so it was in what was dubbed the Powder Puff Volleyball tournament for Homecoming week as we had a competition for either extended lunch for a day(Sophomore-Senior) or Open Campus(Freshmen). I was a Senior that year, and it was in the Championship game. Greatest moment of my High School Career!

    94. Rickey Asuncion

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    95. MrRocketz

      Smart in the Celtic's game didn't get the goal, someone else slould touch the ball befor the rim

    96. MrRocketz

      7:00 ridicolus

    97. Rollo_Tomasi

      6:58 What did this guy do, make a deal with the devil?

      1. AZG

        That was fuking insane

    98. Just Some Guy Who Isn’t Dead

      3:23 Fake actor spotted

    99. AJ C

      The goose killed it lmao 🤣🤣🤣

    100. Marcello Di Foggia

      But... Can you actually kick the ball in ping pong?

      1. Nicholas Halom

        Apparantly! Just looked up the rules and it only says that you can't hit the ball with your HAND!