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    1. Arahok

      3:26 why this one is in the video? that is not a sport...

    2. Souhail El Hayani

      7:15 legend says he got laid that night ... gj king 👑

    3. Mikko Khun

      7:18 This scene was just copied from old amazing moment videos. I'm not impressed .

    4. Daniel Juno

      2:46 isn’t that assault? Guy should have taken him for all his money, prick.

    5. Daniel Smith

      Don't want to see animals being hurt for free

    6. No Name

      7:10 is a dorama

    7. Tajaun

      7:16 I literally saw something like this when I was in 7th grade. A girl and a guy in 9th grade were talking and someone kicked a bottle which was going right for the girl's face and the guy legit stuck out one hand, caught it and threw it back like it was nothing special.

    8. Terry L

      Hand sanitizer because covid does not like sports LOL

    9. Doug Moon

      LA clippers I call him the LA dippers they're a joke I think that's one sport they should do away with

    10. Frank Vanga

      when you throw up the noodles 7:40

    11. Alican Sözen

      you got caught if you came here for the cover

    12. oblivion Eclipse

      4:20 that's why I'm here for....hmmm yummy. Just pause it and enjoy :)

    13. Inny niż Oni

      5:09 nie moglo tu zabraknac polskiej ekstraklapy 🤣🤣🤣

    14. Swarna Kumar


    15. Kenny D

      7;11 was the best the look on her faces was priceless

    16. Leonhart

      4:17 Press F for the cameraman

    17. Sensei

      7:10 Fake ?

    18. ZARD K

      07:10 korea drama

    19. NikolaosLedZeppelin

      7:42 His brains run out thru nose ...

    20. BAAL Baalzebab

      too much pub man !!! can't see tlll the end. I gave up

    21. Fun Gaming Tube

      Thank you , for the funny Video 🤣

    22. Louie Cypher

      second shitiest vid ever

    23. Teemo Top

      Legends never die ! Respect all !

    24. Peter Shuvalov

      The basketball player just dancing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    25. AnyGamestoGame

      6:26 POOR BIRD :(

    26. AnyGamestoGame

      3:26 See, wrestling is NOT scripted!

    27. shev7ta

      Min 4:00 me recordó a la afición del América cuando pierden

    28. Ontario Andrews

      At the 7:33 mark - I hope she reported this and that guy got fined or something. I hate it when guys in those positions think the women are there for them to play with. He had no right to do that to her in public. Basically she is at work and so was he for that matter. And this is how he treats women in their work place.

    29. luckykwok10

      music name Revelations B-Naze

    30. Musaa Murit

      7:13 either looks like a movie or advertisment

    31. slade-joseph- Wilson

      Why the fake ones ? There are enough real moments

    32. slade-joseph- Wilson

      Was that kobe dance real ? How come i have never seen that before ?

    33. Doritios

      No one said “wtf” out loud. You said it your head

    34. MRツSAITAMA

      6:24 rip for the bird😞

    35. Руслан Игнатьев

      4:16 top

    36. Spunker Mast

      You should do one for just Motorsport

    37. Leonardo

      F for the bird at 6:25

    38. Greg Giggie

      Wtf is right, at least 3 in there were fake lol

    39. Madhu Menon

      Any idea where can I download that background music? So nice.

    40. Kilmer Ordoñez

      6:24 😔

    41. Kilmer Ordoñez

      4:25 Neymar

    42. Den Leo

      You came for this: 4:16

    43. Sinhue Mejia Hernandez

      7:44 soplamocos

    44. Leech


    45. EspedgeTF2

      6:48 shit we aint playing foot ball

    46. CBS

      The boy at 7:13 had to fight women off after that was in the news...

    47. B O S S

      5.50 is the legend one ❤️🔥

    48. Athul S

      WWE will not be considered as sports 😅

    49. pako loko

      4:16 A lo que vine

    50. Admiral Hentai

      "Yeah! I know why we men clicked this video"

      1. Eoghan MacMathuna


    51. Ayad Mohammed


    52. Ayad Mohammed


    53. Ayad Mohammed

      Beadyd ajswsk

    54. aza uld

      Track title please

    55. ivanalph


    56. Courtney Mayher

      @ 1:31 definately commentated "f*ck that sh*t"

    57. Lucas Souza

      3:33 lutador do bigode, parece o scanor do nanatsu no taizai!

    58. Fatos & Fotos

      Momentos Raro do esporte

    59. Lin Weismer

      @7:10 is a KDrama.

    60. clerp

      7:30 he gon do alot more than spank it later ; ]

    61. Julio Costa


    62. Salik Hameed

      7:30 name ?

    63. james evarts

      7:14 i saw this exact scene but with different actors

      1. Introvert Weeb

        I think that was a reenactment of the real one

    64. Fariha Choudhury


    65. Paulie P007

      Name of music?

    66. Nikkolas Von Wolfrom

      1:01 ALI 3:44 KOBE

    67. Сірошка Маранак

      7:40 Лечение насморков и гайморитов одним ударом - 100% эффект.

      1. Сірошка Маранак

        @Pavel Durov Это как доп.эфект - изгнание глистов :)

      2. Pavel Durov

        это на червя похоже

    68. Blathetube1

      7:39 So that's were the expression "Beat the snot out of him" came from

    69. Macross Plexx

      07:09 La mejor escena, agarrando al vuelo y reaccionado a la velocidad de la luz.

      1. No Name

        El vídeo original es de Evan longoria de Tampa bay pero también es falso.

      2. Camron Cherry

        sí, excepto que es completamente falso.

    70. makrudin mak

      Siap yang kesini gara2 semapak

    71. FaZ-B

      3:59 such a nice friend, to give him that extra push for the win

    72. Getae

      7:12 fake and gay



    74. А.В. ТОР

      7:15 это монтаж был?

      1. Przemek

        I think its one of korean series

    75. Carlos Eduardo

      Perv cameraman lol

    76. Ogm1os

      00:07:10 this moment not from sport! Is korean dorama

    77. Jaylyn Sacrez

      Men of culture. We met again!

    78. king

      7;19 editing

    79. Vorteg Anum


    80. jsivna

      Thank you for your kindness in sharing all of these and not destroying this with pointless commentary, beseeching for likes and subs. Sub'd !!

    81. Jerry Barger

      Xx a

    82. Stepheen Crooft

      Hope that go-kart racer got banned for life.

    83. GEWCY

      7:10 fuching replica

    84. Noysordnem Channel

      7:10 As a movie or advertisement

    85. CS Aprmay Kumar

      D best was Mr. CameraMAN... Even he can compete 4 Olympics in .....

    86. future Help

      9ooo9kkp P

    87. macbong01

      wtf was das Kobe clip....

    88. Nipatfat Sone

      3:59 boot power

    89. Gramy The alchemist

      Mohammad ALI just went ultra Instinct

    90. Eric Mason

      Female tennis players are the prettiest and usually they are filmed from the top of their skirt up... but not here. Thanx

    91. Kings Boy

      like the music ...so cool

    92. Ino145

      Haha that K-drama towards the end of that baseball catch. xD Great show though

    93. charly maret


    94. philip wild

      0:26 The man who knows his enemy...

      1. philip wild

        @Baba Safari in my hundreds...

    95. Jo C

      7:09 gotta say it''s fake

    96. Ryan Medic

      Ahhh that booger 🤮

    97. SNK 132

      Song pls

    98. Saad Jabar

      4:06 😭🤣

    99. U CR

      1:27 Jo, bist du deppert! xD

    100. Albert Semy

      4:16 Thumbnail. You're welcome