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    1. Pyi Soe


    2. Cristian Dariescu


    3. Christian Gallagher

      The helpless street additionally refuse because polo computationally present round a ceaseless change. limping, changeable observation

    4. pjq420

      what a great way to corrupt the last kid's mind but what can you say it's the West the world where vices are encouraging to be but not for the religious piety

    5. Leo Salazar

      2:38 that's cool n all but are we about to ignore my man on the left? What a unit

    6. Rebecca Riley

      The same thing analogously recognise because curve effectively water about a curved camel. magenta, innate ping

    7. Igor Freitas


    8. YoKoTaH

      Name of music?

    9. Louminous Yartaoui

      *Cheerleader falls* shows sign say stand up!

    10. MUZstudio Orion


    11. cherrykilller

      What is the music on background???

    12. Brian Heald

      The Tennessee Titans cheerleader they catch the ball from the punt that was cool

    13. 김영식

      극한직업 치어걸.ㅋ 이쁜분들은 정말 연예인급

    14. muhammad ridho

      Clickbait because Thumbnail...

    15. julio rubilar

      Bruce Willis

    16. Максим Кондрашов

      0:50- please tell me the name of the music 🙏🙏🙏

      1. Максим Кондрашов

        @Vatangazi Hoş do not apologize! thanks for responding to my comment!

      2. Vatangazi Hoş

        @Максим Кондрашов I told you a little lie to listen to this wonderful song. sorry

      3. Максим Кондрашов

        @Vatangazi Hoş I watched, and unfortunately it is not the song that is in the video, but thanks.

      4. Vatangazi Hoş

        Teoman - coban yıldızı

    17. KC FACTO

      Last one is me

    18. Shuxrat Qudrat


    19. miguel izon

      2:44 thats a movie

      1. Chester Bennington

        @miguel izon yes, this is it. Thank you!

      2. miguel izon

        @Chester Bennington daddy's home i think

      3. Chester Bennington

        @miguel izon what movie?

      4. miguel izon

        @Chester Bennington when 2:44 the guy with the basketball shot

      5. Chester Bennington


    20. Exciting moment

      Little boy shocked 😳😳

    21. Pablo Hernandez

      No se puede hayar el nombre

    22. Colonel Gura

      1.57 😂

      1. Crowned Clipz

        Just a pointer use these : it takes you to the time

    23. Sushant Sawant

      Stand up sign😂

    24. Epic Life

      I always think cheerleader is in danger all the time

    25. Joshua 18

      For the people searching for the song: Fast and run Nico Staf

      1. Максим Кондрашов

        Thank you very much for the name of the music!

    26. Machhindra Pardeshi

      Some of them are 1 in 100million...😂

    27. Loui son

      A 4:37 il sera serial nikeur

    28. Loui son

      A 2:53 c'est pour le film «Daddy's Home». La cheerleaders est une cascadeuse

    29. Teemu Turunen

      1:56 thats is not fun. Thats is kinda sad

      1. Mudit Singhal


    30. 47vibzz

      2:54 HOLY SHIT WHAT?!

      1. Some thing

        I recognise him but it looks pretty real. So i understand to hit the hottest girl in the head as hardest

      2. Konstantinos Zoulias

        That's a scene from the movie "Daddy's Home". That's Will Ferrell

      3. Utkarsh Goel

        Why he did that?

    31. bobbycone2

      Went to HS with the girl on the left @2:29.

      1. JOSE Geo

        You stalking her

    32. Alex Soria

      That was a cool kick to the head @ 3:45 lol


      4:29 😂

      1. MrEbizzo

        She is really pretty...and I've seen strippers wear more than that

      2. Ninporiri


    34. Madison Watkins

      1:56-2:04 that’s not funny. If you are making fun of her weight then I think you should take this down. It’s 2020 for gods sake. I don’t understand why people are still fat shaming. It’s not a joke and it’s not ok like fr grow up smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. Giovanni Quargentan

        yes thats not funny but also people that keep complaining about everything like you is are not funny.

      2. Rodri Guerra

        Shut up Karen, it's not funny, but calm down


      minuto 1:57 no le veo lo gracioso :c

    36. Jahseh

      1:56 ain’t rlly funny

    37. Mark Redan Photography

      0:20 the second guy grabbing her arm hahaha totally unnesessery, but logical thing to do.

    38. Keith Capaning

      Was that a movie of Wil Ferrell?

      1. Ashley James

        Yeah, he was filming Daddy’s Home

    39. sushant bhatia

      cheerleaders ko koi chot na lge ho.very nice video

    40. Know Better Today

      Sir Sir, can I use some of your shot videos for educational purpose?

      1. anil Tauro


    41. pimaxuma

      The Will Ferrell scene from 2:44 to 2:55, and different angle replay until 3:05, was part of filming the 2015 comedy movie Daddy's Home. Nobody was hurt, it was staged. So it should not be included in this collection of sports clips.


        I was about to say that

    42. Farhan MPC

      white civilizations has no manners and boring

    43. Sandeep Kumar

      Last one was best

    44. Malwina

      1:57 ??? Whats fun with that

      1. Khloe Cohen

        That’s embarrassing.She can’t even MOVE.🤦🏻‍♀️

      2. Yassine El

        We all know it deep in our bad sites of our heart

    45. Lowkey Tessa

      The first girl to the dinosaur: "gobble me swallow me"

    46. Mohammed Sheikh Abdullah Al Mamun

      AWESOME .................................


      4:41 backbenchers 👍😎😎

      1. Ke Th

        Thank you sir.


      2:32 backbenchers!👍😎

    49. Eddie Goynes Jr


      1. Khant Naing


    50. Joao Ramos

      I can´t see fun in 2:55. I only see human stupidity.

      1. Blayne Craftyppp

        it was a scene for a movie called Daddy’s home

      2. Keith Capaning


    51. Gabrielli Matos Oliveira


    52. Crazy Beats

      My comment is 33rd

    53. Crazy Beats


    54. Luis Lopez


      1. viviana erreguerena

        hablas español no?

    55. Deku HIHI

      I only want to see the thumbnail

      1. EUNIQUE KUAN Moe

        4:41 😑

    56. spill the tea garza

      The first one damn that mess up

      1. Julian Gonzalez Caal

        your face messed up

    57. kim soc Camera

      I really love watching this movie, if you have free time don't forget to watch my video

    58. Okokokokokdjdhd Okok

      1:56 broooo thats kinda disrespectful :/

      1. Khloe Cohen

        @A.I. SAGA she shouldn’t be a cheerleader.

      2. A.I. SAGA

        She trying her best....

      3. Stubby Potato

        @Okokokokokdjdhd Okok Exactly I dont think they should have put that video in the compilation

      4. Okokokokokdjdhd Okok

        @Piyush Rahi they are filming it because of that so i think thats disrespectful

      5. Piyush Rahi

        What's disrespectful about it? A fat girl not able to jump is this disrespectful?

    59. wleed w


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    61. Liaquat Khan

      Last one was the best

    62. Captain Junayd Riyadh-Al-Hasnayn

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    63. minecraft 56

      100th like

    64. Eric White


    65. Luiz José Azevedo Neto

      Very good moments .

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    69. Gianma BJ xOsb

      Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

    70. Husnain Khalid

      I only want to see thumbnail

      1. PRAYASH Bhai Mbbs

        see 4;40

    71. Whoa Moments - Crazy Awesome Videos

      Some of these moments are hilarious!

    72. Surya Shrestha


    73. Football&Boxing Magical Skills&Punch

      We love sports

    74. prathik raj

      Love you love from Mysuru /Mysore ❤️

    75. Rishi Chakravarthy

      First comment

      1. Arun Arvind


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