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    1. MrXella34

      4:30 the best couple ❤️

    2. Khalid Mohamed

      The little kiddo went for it

    3. sadasa sser

      The bashful peak evocatively pat because cylinder previously plan besides a roasted pen. comfortable, false familiar famous panda

    4. pasquale canfora

      The elated ant controversly radiate because cousin temporarily concentrate via a delicate storm. tasty, minor sleet

    5. Cindy Starling

      Love kiss cams

    6. Pzkpfw V Panther

      4:38 Some girls just hate people and fun

    7. Sathyaraj Damodaran

      The funniest one 5:58

    8. Ella Ylihakola


    9. GFD 360


    10. Edwin Guevara

      3:32 :v

    11. Beatator

      4:39 Can we get an F for the fallen comrade

    12. ALEX YT

      La niña en el minuto 6:06 jajajja trauma total XD

    13. Prem Lodhi


    14. 하늘_.


    15. Npc I'm knot

      6:16 LOOOOL

    16. Brad Davis

      The irate jumper whitely drag because tower physiologically reign about a sloppy hammer. nondescript, known pipe

    17. John Daniel Almonte Ocampo

      0:48 he say hey wtf

    18. ItsIzzy


    19. Step_On_No_Pets

      4:38 so much for the proposal later....

    20. Gilberto Gomes


    21. Visual.

      0:41 tiddie kiss?

    22. Приколы AlexshowTV


    23. Mason Osborne

      I am a girl I am on my bothers iPad but at 6:00 is my fav the girl hahahhahaha

      1. Mason Osborne

        Hiiiiii it’s me the girl

    24. epicgaming doge doge

      And I thought love was strong

    25. UNSKV

      5:10 Хк Сочи :)

    26. lil drip

      0:42 old ppl am i right

    27. Tod master69


    28. Yashmee Issur

      The kid in the background

    29. انا هنا

      3:11 ظحك ههههههه

    30. Walter pro

      6:25 WTF XD

    31. Dominick's World

      6:06 to 6:13 look at the mom 🤣🤣

    32. Tokyo TJ

      4:38 When you just give up on life

      1. Mochi


    33. P O N ・


    34. El Rick


    35. redwarf

      too bad half of them are scripted

    36. Maria Mamart

      The Parrot Mascot in 1:27 is the best part !!!!!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    37. The Nice Channel

      1.20 min is. Wtf 😂😂😂💥💥

    38. RoyalChief Playz

      0:57 hahahahaha

    39. Gaurav Dhyani

      First time in my life I have seen this much happy faces in a day

    40. Vj Sathish

      😂😂😂Nice bro


      Muito bom

    42. J T


    43. Kainen Light

      7:34 AHAHAHA

    44. Johαn ҒҒ

      6:20 you are a good asshole bro 😑😂

    45. Babu Mirza

      Hahahah so lucky

    46. Daniel Noah

      7:02 😂😂😂😂😂

    47. morf 0707

      7:00 the best I ever have see xD

      1. idioticle

        That was the best part that guy was just like *"m a y b e I a m t h e g a y"*

      2. Goat Juice

        I was literally just about to make this exact comment.

    48. Siddiq Shaik

      6 10 kid was 🤣

    49. Emmanuel Adaramodu

      1:17 lmaooo

    50. Wayne Townsend

      Booger lips 👄

    51. SwaGt

      6:09 that girls reaction eaf

    52. Tanishk Goyal

      1:02 bro was like how to do that ❤️❤️

    53. Jeudalip-e

      4:38 F

    54. Syed Feroz

      majority here are singles!!


      Nice clips bro ❤️❤️❤️

    56. Did Iske

      I have been skarred for life 2:47

    57. Emily Brew

      5:04 NOM NOM NOM 6:26 The couple on the right do be vibing tho

      1. Anshul Sharma


    58. Leonard McDermott

      The shoe lace guy wins hands down 😂😂.

      1. Julian 2 Bailey


      2. Pia Schlömer

        @Leonard McDermott of course every one can do what ever they want! Whoever want to propose - if you love another human - go for it! Just wrote my view/opinion And I don't have to think about that for myself Not my area 51

      3. Leonard McDermott

        @Pia Schlömer More women should propose, we are all equal.

      4. Pia Schlömer

        @Leonard McDermott you are right Everything except my mother language i am not able to speak or write good. It just pops up in my mind that a lot of men don't make a proposal it doesnt matter how long the couple is together. Some guys always find an excuse. I mean on the other side there are also a lot of men Who are really excited and happy if they find the "right" women and love to make a proposal. But Anyway, I am not a woman who supports the women can propose to a man

      5. Leonard McDermott

        @Pia Schlömer Apologies i don't understand you, obviously English is not your first language. Can you kindly explain your point.

    59. Ace Rapidsss


    60. Abraham Cuquejo


    61. Quentin Auger

      The one with the Knights is excellent

      1. Lord Asperger

        Iron Maiden... Excellent! (I can never watch John Wick or Matrix again without laughing)

    62. minecraft 56


    63. mango aam

      Please any girl kiss me for continuous 6 hour


      3.49 the funniest part seems to me.🤣

    65. linda mims

      Awesome job

    66. cosmicmoxa

      Wow nice ,Cheers from Finland and USA and our space lounge !!

      1. mango aam

        Babe kiss me please my lips want to feel yous, lips softness

    67. Jasper Wolters

      For every like on this post i will right down one entire cookie emotie: 1. One entire cookie emotie

    68. Tyler Beck

      6:00 lmaoooooo that kid tho

      1. Meat ball

        lol thats acceptable

    69. Alia KHALIFA (AL)

      What where they looking at in the tv

      1. Rasilla FAIRY

        When you're at a game they will have these kiss cams that show on screen for everyone to see, when people see themselves in the kiss cam they have to kiss. (Or maybe you don't wanna kiss you could pro'lly set smth funny up 😎)

    70. Ved More

      RIP 4:37

    71. Benedetta Accorsi


    72. イニシャルP


    73. WatchDaKlock

      That Bruh was digging for gold 1:35

    74. عبــدُاللَّٰه الأحمــدى

      Subscribe plz❤️

    75. YOuR Daily Dose Of Entertainment

      To the 1 person reading this: *"You're* *cool* *and *adorable* *stay* *safe"* ,,..

      1. Julio Otniel Andrew

        Stay safe too...

      2. ldzplove

        @Lizz Boggs, bot it’s a thoughtful one. 🤓

      3. Lizz Boggs

        @Lilly Xoxo @cub 662 do you realize this is a bot

      4. cub 662

        Your cool af

      5. Lilly Xoxo

        Awwww I liter love this comment

    76. Дмитрий Лесоруб

      Молодцы!!!! Рад за Вас Всех!!!! Счастья Вам!!!!

    77. 💀 W  X ✓ 🥵969


    78. ff gamer

      1st view

    79. Harvey Munn-Rutter

      love your vids


      Good morning

    81. nidhi


    82. Jayden Oborowsky

      I love this already

    83. Youssef Amekhchoune


      1. PTBENRY