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    1. Maskharay Hum

      Man the thumbnails are so click bait. Your thumbnail game is A+

    2. pradeep Bidhuri

      2:06 katai Shahrukh khan ho raha hai 🤣🤣

    3. bkfkb

      The shit I seen was stupid. Wasn't even funny. I couldn't even watch it all.


      Dude, the girl asses and top lifting is not needed, sport fans are sport fans, don’t need your click bait photo’s for videos.

    5. Nathan Bradley

      The thumbnail brings all the boys to the yard

    6. kakimoto1234【アンニュイチャネル】

      How do I see the rest of this thumbnail?

    7. pathfinder

      The gymnast at 7:10 is an ad for Craftsman tools. It never happened. Even basic physics will tell you that he accelerates in a trajectory that would not be possible for the mechanics of the springboard.

    8. Luxury Lifes

      "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." -Helen Keller

    9. Ankur Dixit

      7:10 the best one 😀😂

    10. dash8brj

      The basketballer who tricked his opposition with fancy footwork, and the boxer who inadvertantly punched the ref were the best. True sportsmen :)

    11. Vans_ Addicted

      6:21 That reaction time

    12. ̄

      '20 FUNNIEST FAILS IN SPORTS' Thumbnail: A S

    13. Ravi Vk

      7:16 it would have been pained so much

    14. JacksTip

      Disliked for girl in thumbnail not being here >:(

    15. Zucciniii

      Roses are red, Violets are blue, I came for the thumbnail And so did you.

    16. harold wilkes

      7:14 - It's a bird, it's a plane, It's WTF?

    17. Trev K

      I don't understand why soccer players act like everything is an injury....like the worst pain you could ever feel.

    18. Cale Tarleton

      1:43 what is that sport called

    19. Matías Emmanuel Echeverría Carrada

      0:07 keijo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. Simon Rodgers

      Everyone of these type of videos Clickbait the thumbnail

    21. Nate Rivers

      7:10 It's like a real life Mottypython skit! "I've never seen a spring board break like that. They will be deducting points for the landing though. I'd hate to be responsible for that." as the guy pushes his toy box back and presumably gets up to leave.

      1. Nate Rivers

        @Andreseme23 People like you are why comedy is so low brow. Can't even reference something witty without you not getting it.

      2. Andreseme23

        Except it's not real life. It's staged and edited.

    22. Irishooligan MMA

      Only here for the thumbnail, don't watch...it's not in the video

    23. Vinay bansal

      Funniest @7:12

    24. Funny Experiment Hub

      Ice hockey sence 😳

    25. S Ali

      2:17 say byebye to babies


      7:10 is the funniest!lol!!!

    27. Dylan Stearns

      Thumbnail wasn't even in the vid

    28. Scoopz

      You know exactly why you clicked on this video...don’t even try to lie.

      1. Michael Hanson

        @Sydney Scott umm... not sure if you are serious or not. It is kind of a joke and assuming that "you" clicked on the video due to the picture in the thumbnail even if you don't want to admit it. Just like if someone very attractive just walks by and you glance over your shoulder to take a second look and the person you are with says to you... "you know why you looked over there"...

      2. Diamond Buyers

        I regret nothing

      3. Tijn Gerritsen

        Does any1 know where she got the blue shorts? Thats the only reason tho

      4. Sydney Scott

        btw that girl on thumbnail is not in video so sad to those finding this part of thumbnail Girl.

      5. Sydney Scott

        What is the meaning of this exactly why people click this video???

    29. Goge


    30. Edson Simão Jr

      7:10 ruined the compilation. Why add that?

    31. slade-joseph- Wilson

      WTF is that Fake springboard clip in here ? THUMBSDOWN

    32. Rawh Styles

      4:35 funny how he looses his tennis racket, hits it with his head, then we see in the back ground a giant tennis ball 🎾 and what’s it say?

      1. Siopc


      2. Re:Animate Amv


    33. Ural Uğurlu


    34. Boshka

      7:23 the fact that he pushed the toolbox under the curtain is amazing

      1. Trev K

        @Josh Mackaben I totally forgot about that guy....that's fricken hilarius..... Scott Sterling should have made this video

      2. Josh Mackaben

        Search Scot Sterling for Soccer first then Volleyball. You’ll have a hell of a laugh! Same type of thing…!, ✌️👍

      3. Boshka

        @Josh Moseley yea I guess

      4. Josh Moseley

        @Boshka I mean, watch the guy flying through the air lol. Do you see it now? :D

      5. Boshka

        well ok lmfao

    35. Guantou

      "20 FUNNIEST FAILS IN SPORTS".............................According to the Americans

      1. AJ K

        get more sports bro

    36. muddro420

      guess: thumbnail not found. guess... correct. Serious question: is there a way I can block certain YTers from showing up in my suggestions?

      1. Olaf

        Block channel? Anyway, thanks, saves me from watching the whole vid.

    37. God of the gaps

      6:34 hahaha

    38. The Animal Bros

      Bruh I’m telling you this was not 20

    39. 0x90

      where is the girl ?

    40. Praful mishra

      1:05 he did not even touched him

      1. Maintenance Man

        Right! I slowed the speed down. it's clear. fake hit!

    41. chaitanya sariyal

      7.8 i laughed like hell

    42. M Oz

      7:10 that is from a commercial

    43. S Quall

      The picture is no fail!

    44. Irish MONSTeR - Wrath Of One

      Excellent clips but I am very disappointed about your clickbait thumbnail.

    45. Daisy Fowler

      haha this video is funny

    46. ST - Interesting Moments Today

      Motorcyclists will probably regret their whole life celebrating too soon


      2:14 this guy thing he can skate at grass like football player do 😂😂

    48. Dragon and Wyvern lover

      How to get views on TRlocal Show thumbnail of a woman with her bum in the air

    49. armando bronca

      7:10 that was real?

    50. SvetloyarTaiga

      6:04 high ping

    51. fomalhaut86

      7:10 lmao xD

    52. John Anderson

      I have a feeling that gymnastics one was faked. That guy would be seriously injured or dead, and the way that other guy hides the toolbox.

      1. Christopher Caldwell

        It's an old commercial. It is fake

    53. avix007

      7:09 What advertisement is this from?

    54. Timmy Asikin


    55. Vanessa Geiger

      Wwe is no fail. That was planned

    56. nacoran

      I counted at least 3 fakes in there. 1:07 fake punch in fake wrestling, 3:49 is a comedy sketch, and the springboard is a comedy thing. I think I'm missing one though. I think there was a 4th one.

    57. Cylon Gabriel

      can someone say me whats happend 3:56

    58. Alien Alf

      I knew Canseco is gonna be in Here 🤣

    59. Naya

      7:10 superman

    60. Hi mimosa

      I can't finish it LOL I'll die from laughter if I do🤣

    61. mike lawrence

      all baseball and american football yawn

    62. Lawrence Goldfox

      where is thumbnail?

    63. Sheldon Cooper

      7:10 is a fake

    64. Stefano Amare

      07:10. Obviously fake.

    65. Johnnythefunny

      The thumbnail: BOOTY

    66. Dimitris Tripakis

      Tennis ball on balls is not funny!

    67. Chad Snow

      01:04 professional wrestling is not sports, its acting.

      1. Scar

        Also when something is obviously fake...yeah funny isn't in the equation

      2. nacoran

        Yep. And the soccer player taking a dive when the ref sprays his foot is a comedy bit, as it the springboard exploding. I think there was one other one too. (And of course some fake flops but the intention was to deceive there at least.)

    68. タカノシゲキ

      7:12 人間ロケット!!爆笑したよ!!(^o^)

    69. Thu Minh


    70. slick56

      These athletes are so interested in trying to create a foul from falling down that it really takes away from their talent. Knock it off and play the game!

    71. Keith Weidner

      7:10 that was from a commercial.

    72. Kevin Dallas

      Ball boy get hit in the nuts- not funny. People falling down while competing- not funny. Hockey player butt checks opposing player into the boards- HILARIOUS!

    73. Lola David


    74. aleem Shaikh

      7:13 I believe I can fly 😂😂😂😂😂

    75. TANNY HASAN 87


    76. Chris Beckford

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    77. Christian Gallagher

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    78. IIT BOMBAY

      the girl in the thumbail was not even in whole video....big scam...ruin my mood..

    79. Esther Cook

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    80. AL Cooks

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      1. Jacob St Gelais

        I completely understand what you mean

    81. Trendy Insight

      All I have to say is"Epic Fail" Who else agrees??

    82. Shawn Hanson


    83. vxdg gdvx

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    84. One who knows revenge

      Over payed little whining girlie boys.

    85. acommenter

      It seems to me that "Trend Wave" must be pretty easily amused. I see a lot of zzzz here.

    86. Midwest Motorsports

      Well fool me once! I fell for your frikin CLICK BAIT of the hot track girl bending over! That's fine - I'll never watch another one of your videos!

    87. sepehr shakeri

      ur mom

      1. sepehr shakeri

        ur mom

      2. sepehr shakeri


      3. sepehr shakeri

        ur mom

    88. Failzen

      *I just lost my job because of the pandemic, so I started a TRlocal channel about Funny clips. Wish me luck!*

    89. Paul Adventure

      7,21 shit... everybody believes that i have first aid equipment in my green box..... they must not be aware of all my well used SM Bondage gadgets for the secret club next door to this arena,,,,

    90. Classixish

      5:49 "Woop woop-woop-woop-woop! (Zoidberg)

    91. Sir Howard


    92. Michael Buscay

      6:06 Mick Pennisi baby! 😂😝

    93. M D

      what a superman,

    94. Brad Davis

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    95. praveen choudhary

      8:14 video end 🤣🤣

    96. seebzar

      Remove that noisy background music from videos!!!

    97. ツXiterFps

      6:18 -999 ping

    98. alan joseph

      The lively lightning interstingly appreciate because vinyl optimally challenge with a tangible bowling. keen, wistful relish

    99. D M

      Where's the runner from the thumbnail?

    100. stupid universe 731C

      3:11 i thought they'd red card the guy for faking an injury and yellow card the guy for instigating the fight, do i have tht right?