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    1. Gary Patterson

      Scott Sterling is the best of them all...

    2. Muhammad Abdullah

      3:35 triple headshot

    3. Sergio

      What about the fake one in the middle xDddddd

    4. Marcus Matibag

      Not gonna lie. I clicked this video in hopes that Scott Steeling is here. Spoiler: He was.

    5. Dante

      5:24 What an asshole. Threw it at him and didn't even care.

    6. fajkoson

      6:24 did that rly happen? wow

    7. Diogo Amaral

      BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST

    8. BeSolu

      Xd to be here

    9. James Taylor

      Why is Scott Sterling in here?

    10. P H O N K H Y P E

      Good work man!!

    11. Lucky Ship

      4:45 His name is Captain America!!!

    12. Ricmaniac

      I always wonder how people play baseball without full helmets XD same for field hockey and ice hockey

      1. Lincoln Nazarchuk

        @Ricmaniac why not? I play ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, golf, I ski and used to play soccer. Sports are so fun you should try them 😊

      2. Ricmaniac

        @Lincoln Nazarchuk you think i do sports of any sort? you crazy! :P

      3. Lincoln Nazarchuk

        Lemme guess : soccer or football player

    13. Svenulf Skjaldbjörn

      Most were funny. The one at 7:25 was not. That one was dead serious!!!

    14. Tea Morina

      1:56 Novak Đoković 💖💖 our tennis player 🎾 he is from Serbia 🇷🇸💖 ko je iz srbije neka lajkuje kom/ who is from Serbia? Like the comment 💖💖

    15. Andrea _

      Why is there no Judo😔

    16. Adrian Smółka

      The exotic good-bye similarly bless because knife desirably bump by a juvenile stinger. fancy, tricky bathroom

    17. ich bins

      0:52 Good keeper! He gives it all!

    18. Eliot Francis

      6:23 This has to be one the top 5 funniest unplanned events shown via TRlocal

      1. Lincoln Nazarchuk

        @ammccut you are correct,

      2. Lincoln Nazarchuk

        It’s fake Edit: you’ve never seen Scott sterling 😱

      3. ammccut

        It’s not real. It’s a sketch about “Scott Sterling”. There are several videos about him getting hit in the face.

      4. Sahil 8th Rose 9


    19. Eliot Francis

      Very exciting music and video. Thanks

    20. 눈빛공격

      추신수 얼굴맞았네 아이고...

    21. Paritosh

      3:38 is a triple head shot

    22. лиза


    23. Gomes R.

      3:05 tinha que ser Brasil kkkkkkk

    24. Raven Wintercroft

      3:38 is legend status. Is 6:42 real?

      1. Dawood Haidari


    25. Hang Haam

      3:12 how to pass the ball to yourself

      1. Editor Bhaiya JI


    26. Klouse

      The one at 6:40 has to be fake right lmaoo

      1. Josh Gardner

        Wow I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. If that was a legit video that dude got hit in the face with that volleyball in a matter of minutes than most people get in a lifetime. I can't stop laughing.

    27. mr.nobody

      2 min silence for 2:0 batsman😂😂

    28. DK_10

      At 6:42 till 6:50 is tha boy alive and they are hitting him

    29. Fjvdjin Fugdjf

      The noisy pickle only test because paper differently peck astride a mushy softdrink. quirky, lavish duckling

    30. RBHakusho

      why is it amazing?

    31. And Vas

      хорошая музыка! кто исполняет?

    32. laersonal4

      The video was great; but at 6:40 you blew it.


      4:22 heyy penalty Goalkeeper:oh relizes that his teammate

    34. funny video tv

      Круто 😎

    35. Mirko

      Where is the girl from the front cover?

    36. KUSH EXE

      How can headshots be amazing they're horrible

      1. SteveWK

        Yep.....lots of career ending concussion symptoms ;/

    37. iris punt

      Anyone know if in the final clip the pitcher actually made the catch? Because it looks like it to me. Would be amazing.

    38. Niall Stott


    39. Stefan P.

      clickbait puke

    40. takaaki hara

      4:49 I just say No,6 so kawaii♡

    41. Moto Gp 2021


    42. lakshay TM

      Who else came here after seeing thumbnail😂😂😂

    43. Rishaan Ag

      The obsequious root macroscopically suggest because hell impressively ski pro a hideous high octagon. humdrum, simple powder

    44. Jarylle Vallar

      Best reaction 3:00 4:51 6:41

    45. eddyvideostar

      At 2:27 minutes: The first *HOCKEY HEADER!* At 6:21 minutes: The second *HOCKEY HEADER!*

    46. eddyvideostar

      At 2:27 minutes: The first *HOCKEY HEADER!*

    47. AXE

      03:36 M M M Monster kill

      1. Majestic


    48. Cristian Ruiz

      4:48 Se parece al actor que hizo de Steve Rogers - Capitán América. 6:42 a 7:00 Es ridículo ja ja ja.

    49. Tanmay Thombre

      Title should be painful rather than amazing

    50. Zidozh

      i came for thumbnail so juicy

    51. mukul nain

      Wtf this is volleyball or what

    52. Ovi Ada

      I love the volleyball part @ 6:40+ where the LIBERO got hit SIX TIMES😂🤣 Oor was the sixth really a sacrificial play by the team..they carried the libero who got hit at the face yet again for a point..🤣😂 is that even a legal play??😂😂😂😂 I don't know if I would pity the libero or be amazed by the teams antics..😂🤭

      1. Anarchy Punk

        @Robert G me too

      2. Robert G

        @Dashcam It might have been fake, but I laughed my ass off. That really was funny.

      3. Dashcam

        Hope you realize that was fake, but otherwise have a good day!


      6:40 👌🏻

      1. 천재얼굴

        진짜 놀랍다.


        @kevzeh Definitely 👌🏻

      3. kevzeh

        Scott Sterling, what a legend!

    54. DenierB

      bruh studio c needs credit for that Scott Sterling clip

    55. Sac GM

      6.41 ammo

    56. GPS-auto5

      Oh my God I can’t believe you put Scott Sterling in there I have seen that video

    57. Gameplay Dude

      amazing indeed

    58. Streamleafo_o :


    59. ninja legend

      TanqR is proud of you.

    60. 46 Tavleen Kour VII A

      My mom: what do you learn after watching this video Me: never do headshots

      1. Classixish

        no headshots? but i love drinking! (shotglass)

    61. Ek3L

      Scott sterling: Basic!!!

    62. Dimitris Jk

      One word: OUCH!

    63. Mohammadreza Khani


    64. Leo Messi


      1. Jacob Gerald Gual Suzanne

        What the hell are you doing here/ qué haces aquí boludo y además si no entendes esto no eres el real

    65. Brawl thugs

      How many people came here looking at the thumbnail 😂

      1. ninja legend

        I didn't even notice the ball, the rest was enough for me to click

    66. Mohd Imran

      Bro what song use in video

    67. Kopat Kapit Chanel

      Wow amazing👍

    68. Josintotoso

      Kkk muito bom como q a maioria deles era BR ksksjjs

    69. ________________________________

      I never that early before And idk why i watch it cuz sport is long gone for me for my injuries

    70. Roey Sogaukar


    71. IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】

      Ouch! But congrats to the guy who made a goal because a ball bounced off his face lol

    72. David Parker

      TRlocal, why am I here?

    73. Filip Markovic

      Hello, how are you people

    74. OktoberfestCommunity#Teo

      Crazy 😅 😅 😅

    75. Td op


    76. VloGamer Hub

      First viewer

    77. Nodutu Gaweshaka


    78. NEP HOPS YT