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    1. 番長ミルキィ

      6:40 VIDEO GAME

    2. Doctor City Games

      2:35 somebody has to put James Charles face on the blue dude 😂😂😂

    3. Ernesto L

      I am very glad my profession or hobby does not involve me getting kicked in the face.

    4. Creationsh

      6:40 the most beautiful counter

    5. Tallguy203

      10? umm...there was way more than 10...

    6. Son Gohan

      2:48 Was the best! Holy shit, soooo smooth. xD

    7. Earnest DeWitt

      I know there is more than 10 knockouts

    8. CT

      If you have way more than 10. Just call it most unusual knockouts or a compilation. Not sure why you made your video sound shorter than it actually is. Do you just see top 10s online and copy that cause you just follow along cause you have no mind of your own or..???

    9. lw88

      this editing is complete shit you ought to be ashamed that you put this on your channel with so many mistakes and jumps

    10. Grady Browning

      4:51 Slick

    11. Grady Browning

      One of the best KO Compilations ever.

    12. Grady Browning

      6:42 lightning fast KO !!!

    13. Qedir Amirov

      03:06 dakina eceb oldu ,idmanda lovgaliq olmaz

    14. Eyema Ninjah

      Worst editing ever.

    15. Ratzy

      dont know about you, but i counted a bit more then 10

    16. Armand Assante

      На 1:24 так знатно отхватил тактаров 🤣🤣🤣 , там ему и надо нацику.

    17. Prime Matt

      Why even bother with that title? There were far more than 10 and some were submissions 😂

    18. First Last

      I guess uploader cant count?

    19. Valéria Silva Soares

      Video mal editado

    20. M. H. Beltrán

      0:49 So, was that a match for a Gym badge or part of an official League Challenge?

    21. Исти Исти


    22. COS fishin

      Not complaining but that's more then 10

    23. Richard Roberts

      That attack at 2:48 was the fastest move I've ever seen.

      1. Riley Emery

        6:08 was faster

    24. broken-lost-depressed

      1:44 flying armbars are so hard to pull off

    25. Galih Yanuar


    26. Matt Davis

      Mvp finally fighting a top ten fighter and getting knocked out is priceless he's probably the most overrated striker ever

    27. Vigilante Williamson

      6:36 Trouble in Paradise

    28. Ben Butz

      Side front inverted stunt to the possible groin is my favorite thugjitsu technique

    29. Peter Hoebe

      Half of the clips are knock-downs, not knock outs

    30. Danilo Brajkovic

      3:45 It's not a knockout.

    31. Andre Malcolm

      Defo more than 10 knockouts 😂

    32. joe kim

      2:32 Look, I’m not saying he’s right, I’m saying that I understand.

    33. beng sern

      3:48 israel adesanya

    34. Sok Tau


    35. Maxxis

      Trend Wave doesn't know how to count.

    36. William rollick

      Lol nothing like the Ol Flying Armbar Knockout huh. I guess not all these clips were KOs.

    37. J.D. B.C.

      So no ones gonna talk about the confused ref at 2:26?

    38. sato boi

      That was only 9

    39. A E

      @ 1:49 was bad ass. The kind of crap only seeing movies. Some of these others looked fixed

    40. Jeriann Jackson

      Good luck let be open

    41. Adriano Dib

      This video compilation match better with a Brutal Death Metal song

    42. Adriano Dib

      The bad edition cutted off the Anderson Silva against Vitor Belfort

    43. Ernst von Ruby

      4:22 Look at the replay and notice what direction the keepers eyes are just before he hits the oponenets face. Absolutely NOT the BALL. But oponents face. Lower person,lousyer soccerplayer is not to find. If you ever meet the guy be aware that he must think it is ok if you go kick him in the face. So feel free to go kick him as much as you like. He really deserves it. No morale , respect , no decent behaviors or ethics from his side.Can you sink lower as an athlete ? Or person ? He shouldnt be allowed playing ever again. Not even private. Maybe we got lucky and someone drove over him with a very heavy car. Accidentially of course.

    44. Jorge Beltran

      Soccer player hit em with some sweet chin music 🤠

    45. Decoda Hall

      I feel like there was more than 10 included. But I'm not complaining

    46. Caleb Liggans

      Anyone got the name of the fighters at 4:42

    47. lee gibson

      6:56 Loved seeing this guy being taken down a peg or two. He is the one that will knock someone down and just stand there like he cured cancer or something. Love seeing him getting his showboating ass whooped.

    48. Jordi Lieuwen

      the ref at 6:40 was terrible for letting that guy fall down when he had all the time to get to him and prevent him from falling knockout on his head like that

    49. Salvador Montezuma

      El pasto

    50. Void Orc

      Who's fighting in this part 0:46

    51. Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan


    52. jaimd beng

      6:00 he knock himself out.

    53. LOL Highlights

      song name please

    54. soager009 69

      Submissions are NOT knockouts!

    55. Thomy Bnvle

      3:05 best ko ever

    56. Tan Aik

      At 6:38 the most brutal KO in this video.

    57. Kot Alik

      7:01 i koniec pajacowania

    58. Шаймурат Кутлиахметов

      0.13 это Энди Хуг?

    59. Smith VR

      These brothers and their showboating ways.

    60. marcus kim

      You said 10 but yeah,

    61. Barbutt

      Very disturbing

    62. Ovidijus Pocius

      Good selection

    63. Syfson Kupskowicki

      3:40 - beautiful "skok na jajca". Gut have now a "jajecznica" in the pants

    64. Mason Brown

      2:00 you see his soul prepare to leave this man's body👀💀😂

    65. giviko zindrishvili

      As a kickboxior I love how the do it 👏👏👏

    66. Juda Silva

      2:34 justified

    67. Adrian Vela

      The guy showing off dancing well deserved kick to the face

    68. Jemme Jenkins

      They defly gt skill

    69. Tom Batterbury

      6:14 was someone murdered in the bottom right area of the cage?

    70. Prestigious 5's

      1:06 there was no actual contact there right? It looks like the soccer player just missed the guys face but he went down anyway.

    71. Rickyw01

      Most of these blows reveal the brain getting accelerated within the skull, resulting in a mostly uplifting experience, followed by a period of quiet.

    72. Jane Ross

      And then at the end, the sheer try-hardness of that pop culture commentary knocks me out for a moment. I'm sure it sounded better in his head, lol.

    73. Mick

      There was a arm bar there bro

    74. Ramses Vega

      Who's the black guy at 3:47? Reminds me of a young Ali with that nasty footwork.

    75. Dobi Won

      Think I counted 36

    76. Killer Bean

      1:00 LUL. Underrated knockout.

    77. Dicky Veto


    78. Gj S

      3:27초 진짜 겁나 빠르다

    79. Jacob Jakubec

      Who made this video …

    80. izan gilani

      One day I had a crazy chicken. The chicken ate crap and smelled like flatulence after. And one day he saw another chicken, this chicken saw a grilled chicken at Chik Fil-A and threw it in a garbage that smelled so bad it was known as flatulence garbage. The chicken went inside and saw a killer clown with mad cavities, and the clown said "I think i shit in my pants."

    81. Scott Thomas

      3:48 Isreal Adesanya?

    82. Fabian Navarro

      Any body know the name of the song playing in the background

    83. Diego Gätjens

      2:25 top 10 epic anime moments.

    84. api ombom

      6:01 most insane knock out. lol

      1. Nguyễn Trần Quốc Anh


    85. Njau Njeru

      Moral of the story, leave your kisses at home

    86. Julio Costa


    87. George Williams

      The music is horrible!

    88. shredhead21

      2:40 I’ve seen that so many times but still funny. You just don’t kiss a dude during a stare down lmao

    89. Polecam Wylogowywanie

      That Khalidov ko beautyfull

    90. Dustin and Taryn Wolfe

      Still think the MVP knockout was the most satisfying

    91. Zipho Mvuyana

      MVP is something special though

    92. Aphiteth Lord of Light

      Never lean in to get your head kicked by someone's heel. Lean back mu'fuckas and kick em' in their ass, right where the thigh bone meets the hip bone. NEVER LEAN IN! LEAN BACK MU'FUCKAS LEAN BACK! HEEL SNAP!

    93. george elder

      at 0:38 that is a tap by arm bar not a knockout then following venom page knee skull crush did not knock him out either! at 1:06 was a kick to the eye no knockout. THIS VIDEO WAS WEAK AS FCK THUMBS DOWN FOR MISLEADING not giving you sht of credit all you did was steal a bunch of clips from other people and put a weak label on it! Also choosing to not recommend chanel. dont want to see any more of your weak content

    94. enough is Enough

      this sport fans have shittiest taste of music

    95. Benito Franklyn

      why do people not get click bait/fake thumbnails, are you all really that dumb?

    96. Charlie Wade

      Bruh said i've never split before

    97. marcus scott

      What’s this song called

    98. jhebz malik

      6:35 his soul living on his body

    99. Seahorse Prince

      I think this is a lot more than 10 but I’m not complaining

    100. Paul K

      Gotta love how he just cut clips from other compilations for this video How do you cut videos this badly