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    1. Felix Patron

      TARA BOURNE,amazingly beautiful❤ currently playing for man united women team. Go find and check yourself.

    2. sumit

      Trust me these girls don't get scared when defending a "ball in front of them"😅

    3. Ali Shabanov

      The question is can they do it on a cold night in Stoke ?

    4. Abel Hu

      The video typed wrong name. The last girl is Kseniya

    5. ellieidol fan

      Alex Morgan is my most favourite, Lauren Sesselmann and Anouk Hoogendijk also look very attractive.

    6. The Most

      We over here in the Uk have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL girls in the world 😘😘😘

    7. Bhupendrajit Nongthombam

      Where is Jordyn Huitema?

    8. Around the World TV


    9. MUZstudio Orion


    10. Maria Niżewska


    11. 윌프로의 시간여행 / WillPro Travels & Wrestling

      Alex Morgan & Lee Mina이민아 two top😎😍😍😍

    12. Nik Freedom

      why girls don't play football in Russia 😭

    13. Hero 3

      still not worth the $$$

    14. Ben Ghane

      Um where?

    15. 1ST General

      Nasty scribbles

    16. Lanu Jms

      Really they all are very beautiful in their games as well as their minds too,,, love to watch them playing

    17. GHEATERS

      круто и красиво)

    18. Alexander von Seggern

      This is a sport for man

      1. Grace Okenwa

        Ok come and stop them from playing it

    19. Alexander von Seggern


    20. CloudyJLS

      Sydney leroux more like Sydney leclutch

    21. Amirmohmad Mousavi


    22. Мастерская Дяди Саши

      А есть видео, как им забивают голы?

    23. lapchaser

      Oh my god

    24. sls

      why do girls have such bot moves lmao

    25. alkitdahiya

      And i thought only fit people looked beautiful , didn't know this was a thing

    26. will 17

      du coup je vais me mêtre au foot

    27. NW7

      Show us a crunching tackle...I’ll wait

    28. Remco Hendriks

      Seriously where the heck is Jacky Groenen in this vid....

    29. Annagr 07

      I’m sorry but I don’t know any of these females

    30. Lewis

      Imagine we've probably met or been around famous women footballers and not even noticed I can't name one women footballer 😂

      1. Jadon Crook


      2. AirlessSquare06 AirlessSquare06

        Oh sorry sorry hard

      3. Grace Okenwa

        I know half of the female footballers names speak for yourself

      4. AirlessSquare06 AirlessSquare06

        I know one Alphonso Davies girlfriend which her name is Jordan hydamaam

    31. 저기여

      이민아다 ㅋㅋ

    32. 방랑인

      민아나오네 자랑스럽다

    33. Евгений Евгельников


    34. soundog genesisproject

      Kealia Ohai there

    35. Javier832


    36. M Islam

      Sakina karchiui

    37. suleiman zafar

      lee mina is sobeautiful 3:12

    38. illusion


    39. ace

      Music name

    40. Epic Life

      They are all beautiful and talent

    41. SandManJono 123

      To be honest I didn't even notice they were footballers till the end 😂 🤤

    42. emanuel sorret

      I'm not mad but, where the heck is Jordyn Huitema?

      1. avalentin763

        Idk but, Davis is a Lucky man she is perfect

    43. Woogieeaston- Roblox

      Do you mean soccer

    44. Andres Vargas

      Son hermosas eso es cierto Pero les gusta los hombres o Las mujeres.. ahí está el dilema..

    45. N

      have you seen Serenay aktaş????

    46. kolbasniy zadrot

      теперь я люблю футбол)

    47. Roma12

      Mallory Pugh. Google her....

    48. saara khan

      I knew Alex Morgan was in here as soon as I aw the title I am a big fan of hers and I hope to meet her on day

      1. saara khan

        @Davina Janes huh I don't understand a single word u said

      2. Davina Janes

        But didn't she denigrate an entire culture of people via her celebrations? Without an apology? What is to admire about that, or does this rule not apply to certain people.

    49. Rene Gonzalez

      Tiane Endler

    50. Mariana Amaya Villarraga

      Espero algún día ser una de ellas💜

      1. Gerson Coelho

        You don't have to be them. If you're yourself you'll be very pretty I'm sure !

      2. Jacob Silva

        uaua !

    51. sxcc toffee

      i dont get this vid- aint everyone supposed to be beautiful...

    52. Dju severo

      Eu reparando a marta🤡🤡🤙🤙

    53. jcbaroux

      99% are lesbians so no interest at all ^^

      1. Grace Okenwa

        Same with men football some of them are gay

    54. Александр Паталах

      Ксюша Коваленко 👍👍👍👍🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

    55. Ali abraham martinez pulido

      Deyna castellanos también es hermosa, dejen like si la pudieron ver y les parece preciosa

    56. Jaden J.

      Alex Morgan..... wow

      1. Davina Janes

        Wow that she was included. I don't know the characters of most of the other women, but I know some of hers, and she is not a very nice person. When someone isn't a very nice person, you look at them differently and they don't look so attractive. At all. I can't tell you how many people I have thought to be average looking, but their personality makes them look gorgeous. I remember her playing against England (I am not English). The USA were leading by some margin, and yet when she scored, she decided to make fun of the culture of the team they were crushing in her celebration. They had said nothing bad about her, yet she decided to make fun of a group of people and their culture. Because that is the type of character that she is. Some women have a reputation for cruelty (unlike some men, who have a reputation for being violent), and I think that episode reflected who she was as a person, and takes away any beauty she may have had. I know I just see her as cruel and mean spirited, as do many others, and therefore I don't see her as attractive.

    57. banana boy

      Pov:your a simp

    58. Mdshahidan Maktam

      Hello club foolball back ser follow aer

    59. Charles darwin Publico

      Lee mina is the best

    60. DomiN

      Jordan H

    61. Happy Bear

      fact, they are stronger, fitter and play better scoccer than most of us, men.

      1. Batman Turbo Washington III

        Usa has a soccer team? Lol

      2. Juan Pichardo

        Depends, usa men soccer team suck so in that case yes, but other men teams are better than the female teams

      3. typhoeus777

        No not necessarily. So it is not a fact

    62. lollo

      maybe you meant the least bad

    63. jason goss

      Alex Scott should be in this list

    64. Just Beat

      What About @indiecowie?

      1. Just Beat

        She is the most beautiful girl that plays soccer

    65. francois colija

      Déjà un mec avec un ballon c’est CON alors une femme ...

    66. Barack Obama

      All Hail Simp Lord

    67. Raymon Kravagna

      I'm pretty sure this was just a joke video since maybe two of those women were hot

      1. GPS-auto5

        Thanks I don’t know what he was talking about

      2. Banana Goanna

        @GPS-auto5 lol I agree with you

      3. GPS-auto5

        Are you dumb or do you not like girls

    68. Jest'in Case

      Everyone of these beautiful women are too good for the likes of me. 😕

    69. Anthony Abbett

      Honestly, they're pretty but I'm more impressed with their skills and the hard work and sacrifice they made to get where they are.

      1. Anthony Abbett

        @Vincento Wayne ❓❓❓❓ I don't speak jibberish.

      2. Vincento Wayne

        Куколды на месте, я спокоен

      3. Davina Janes

        @Jadon Crook And you shouldn't let Anthony lead you by the hand.

      4. Jadon Crook


    70. Tianna Carter

      Ok maybe there are some good female footballers

      1. Josh Catindig

        Good its what way?

    71. PortaDraun

      I mean being a simp isn't bad innit?

      1. Simon T

        I love it when the little kids say simp.

      2. Jest'in Case

        Only if the part about expecting sex is true. Other than that requirement. What I perceive as respect others perceive as weird.

    72. Macy Aylward

      This is inspirational because I’m gonna become an Australian footballer (not soccer)

      1. Bright Office

        @BlitzKrieg you trolling right?

      2. JAMEE YONNA

        I will become a uk footballer ❣❣💗💗

      3. Cadel Hughes

        I will remember this and I will see in the future

      4. BlitzKrieg

        @Asfan M.s.m cuz soccer is trash

      5. JAMEE YONNA

        I proud of you dear

    73. Jemima Harlin

      You men see women as only beautiful and to admire just they are beautiful Inside or their personality might be horrible Someone who is in prison could be really pretty but horrible 😑😶

      1. Grace Okenwa

        @Anirudh Dey this was the old video where women play in empty stadium but now women football is growing at least 5000 to 10,000 people's watch women match this day's.

      2. Jemima Harlin

        No u are beautiful 🤩 I never said that people that are in prison are ugly It was to show that anyone can look pretty and be horrible or have the best personality and be really kind

      3. Jest'in Case

        Also. These women look beautiful to me in body and spirit. The fact that they have discipline and self respect, in the fact that they take care of themselves.

      4. Jest'in Case

        Also.. Someone in prison can be beautiful morally. I was put in prison for beating up a rapist that got off Scott free. I did 2.5 yrs in prison. For doing the police's job. Am I ugly?

      5. Anirudh Dey

        @Jemima Harlin ❤️

    74. Pure Ground


    75. Amir tatalo _fan


    76. Zenilton Barreira de Sousa

      Lidar maravilhosa como sempre gata beijo princesa você merece soceso garota

    77. Buba Drammeh

      Jordyn huitema?

      1. DomiN


    78. Snow Gang

      This is soccer not football

      1. Jacob Silva

        @Batman Turbo Washington III great!

      2. Batman Turbo Washington III

        Why is there a word "soccer"? Based on this, it should be played with socks ... I dont understand who came up with that word ... And its football not soccer, like basketball, handball,volleyball...nfl should have name NBL(national body league) or something like this, it has nothing to do with foot. Only field goals but thats it.

      3. Jacob Silva

        why soccer is played with the feet and football is played with the hands?

      4. Snow Gang

        @Monsoon I see someone else has watched waterboy

      5. Monsoon

        My mama said its a "FOOSBALL!"

    79. YOuR Daily Dose Of Entertainment

      *I* *pray* *anyone* *that* *sees* *this* *is* *successful* *in* *life* 💰

      1. Bright Office

        @Gian Lapasaran 🤣💔 How can a bot even pray

      2. Gian Lapasaran

        You pray for likes,???

    80. UNCO FACT

      I'm fan

    81. UNCO FACT

      I'm form india

    82. Kaxa Chapidze


    83. feenie