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    1. LELO 2021

      Good Bye Maradona! 😟

    2. Piyush Rahi

      7:26 when radio channel is tuning 😂 eeeee aaaaa

    3. Leah Keenan

      When snoop dog does the badayadabodayada dance


      Who else cant get enough of call of duty?💛

    5. Missouri Teebomb

      7:28 dream kokain

    6. Ashish Shaji

      5:34 Guess who got laid that night.

    7. Ashish Shaji

      If you watch 1:05 closely at 0.25×, you will find that by Ultra Instinct,the reporter already knew the ball was gonna hit his head.

      1. Piyush Rahi

        Ultra instinct? They can clearly see the camera screen 🤦‍♂ he saw the ball coming in the screen

    8. Marcus Skilling

      6:09 I think she just wants a boyfriend lmao

    9. Likitha J

      Do we do this in India. Then it will be a big sensation 😂🤣🤣

    10. Fahriddin Rajabov


    11. • R e n •

      5:34 omg lol

    12. Buma


    13. zoom boom

      So I'm good from behind me thinking let me hit

    14. Putra Naga Wijayana

      Dude stop adding some high beat music

    15. Leitor De Coisas


    16. Bernard Zulu

      That ball hit him good

    17. mohamed nadeem

      Wait that's not a man fist 3:10

      1. Abrasham Alahi Akib

        And who told you

    18. mohamed nadeem

      Why they always do Shaq like that 😂

    19. sushant bhatia

      reporters ko chot na lge ho

    20. zfredz10


    21. MY MISSION

      7:16 Diego Maradona ❤️

      1. christian torrente

        sht...R.I.P. Diego Maradona ❤️

    22. Mountain Wolf plays


    23. Lukas LGK


    24. Uday Kokane

      subscriber kaise badaneka

    25. CAPUDO_999X

      bro too funny

    26. RobertJR Channel

      I smiled even i have more problems thank you

    27. Captain Junayd Riyadh-Al-Hasnayn

      *NEWS DIGEST to START the Day (11 DEC 2020, Friday) 5 Minutes Read; updated at 0527HRS IST* *World: 70,671,655 Death 1,587,321 (2.25%) Active 19,967,507 (28%) Recovery 49,116,864 (70%)* _India: 9,796,992; Death 142,222 (1.45%) Active 364,582 (4%) Recovery 9,290,188 (95%)_ ISL 2020-21: SC East Bengal Open Account After Settling For A Draw Against Jamshedpur FC *Bhima Koregaon: Activist Gautam Navlakha Denied Spectacles Sent by Family to Taloja Prison, Maha Govt Orders Probe* _IIT Delhi Research Paves Way For Secure Sustainable, Green Energy Ecosystem to reduce CO2 emissions_ Open to Talks on Any 'Good' Proposal, Say Farmers as Govt Urges Unions to Reconsider Amendment Offer; 2 IPS officers deputed at Singhu border protest site test Covid +VE *Duke University: Rich Nations Stockpiling Covid Vaccine, Not Enough For Rest; Once vaccines for Covid are in the market, majority will go to high-income nations; Low, middle-income countries, equity-focused partnerships like COVAX, there will not have enough* _CSIR-CCMB, Apollo Hospitals to jointly produce, commercialise COVID-19 Direct Amplification rapid RT-PCR (DArRT-PCR) test kits_ Delhi, Mumbai Prep List Of 3.25L Frontline Workers For Covid Vaccine; Next Phase those aged 60+yrs *US FDA voted heavily in favor of recommending Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use approval* _EPIC Change: Voter ID Cards to go Digital, vote using digital version; EC Targets 5 State Elections 2021_ 70L Indian Credit & Debit Card Holders' Private Data Has Been Leaked Online; 1.3GB folder comprising 58 spreadsheets *Guwahati HC Informed NRC Conducted in 2019 Not Final, Includes 4,700 Ineligible Names, 10K names wrongly included* _India-Made Sub-Machine Gun Completes Successful Trials 5.56x30 mm gun; Fire 700 rounds/Minute_ Antitrust Body Raids Cement Giants UltraTech, LafargeHolcim Units (ACC/Ambuja) over ongoing cartel *Kota, Rajasthan: 9 Newborn infants have died at a state-run hospital in Kota; Superintendent claimed that the deaths were natural with no unusual or severe reason or infection* _Fresh Snowfall in J&K, Himachal and Uttarakhand; Delhi Likely to Receive Light Rainfall Over Next 2 Days_ Fitch fears the list of airlines teetering on the brink of ruin is going to be longer in 2021 *Tata oppose SP grp proposal in Supreme Court to swap 18.37% stake in Tata Sons with other grp firms* _Telcos, vendors, FB move Govt over 5G to ensure availability of abundant and continuous blocks of 5G spectrum for effective 5G rollout_ Blackstone pays $800MN for Piramal Glass; $200 mn payout linked to future performance milestones *Another Mysterious Metal Monolith Pops Up, This Time In Poland; on a riverbank in the Polish capital Warsaw* _Lebanon Judge Indicts PM, ex-Ministers on Negligence Charges Over Beirut Port Blast That Killed 200_ Prototype of SpaceX Rocket Starship Blasts Off ... and Crashes in Fireball During Live Streaming *'Serious' Incident Occurs at Nuclear Plant (radiation spike was detected inside) in Finland, But No Radiation Leak* _Google Fined €100MN, Amazon Fined €35MN by French Watchdog CNIL for Breaching Cookie Rules_ Now, Indian-Origin Pramila Jayapal is chair of powerful US Congressional Progressive Caucus; influential role during the next Biden Administration *Indian-American Raja Chari among 18 astronauts to be trained for Nasa's Artemis moon landing program* _Just Can't Wait to be King? China Shuns 'Wolf' Tag, Says Its Envoys are More Like Disney's Simba_ Today’s Words America and Caribbean and Europe - *Umber* - brownish red



    29. زهرة الياسمين

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      1. Amina Khan

        U deserve more allhamdulilah

    30. Satya Joshi

      Hlo sir

    31. زهرة الياسمين

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      1. david baker

        Yet you have Internet and phone, genius

    32. Zakaria abdirahman

      notification gang wya📽

    33. YOuR Daily Dose Of Entertainment

      *99%* *wont* *see* *this* *but* *I pray* *you* *and* *your* *families* *be* *successful* *and* *have* *a* *wonderful* *day.* ☘️🌹 You and your families will be successful one day🙏🏻 I am disabled, and basically cant work anymore, trying to make a living and pay for my surgery through youtube, 🙏🏻, go to community post.🌴

      1. S Lit

        Quit Whining... I'm Disabled and haven't worked for 26 years and I'm not in here BEGGING FOR MONEY..