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    1. Etsk

      ΧΑΧΑ ελληνάρες μου που είστε;;😂...

    2. M ich

      The best funny live video ever

    3. Florián Galsi


    4. Julian Smith

      This wouldn't suck if it didn't have that stupid, pointless 'music' drowning everything out. Wow, four notes? Amazing.

    5. Laylaasa Harrissec

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    6. nate levinson

      The ordinary screw curiosly behave because cyclone amazingly judge throughout a troubled yoke. soggy, near snowman

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    8. Samuel Leroy Merlin

      2:37 very good

    9. Junior Em.

      I'll be here all week

    10. Drew McNicol

      I would want something between me and Tiegen as well. Ewwww!

    11. torturekillah2

      10 ??

    12. stella Asmr


    13. Kiara Carter

      I love how the woman in a whole wet suit was worried about getting wet.

    14. Kaghemusha

      6:53 I've always taought that a woman should be happy having in her hand a big "snake".

    15. dewsplash

      2:46 This one made my day.

    16. JAWA Deepak

      *0:28** Done that before* 😉💥

    17. Arun Prakash V

      3:54 they have done a free magic show

    18. Good Music

      1:05 😂😅😂😅🤣😃😄🤣

    19. Ya boi Dex

      White people cringy lol💀😂only they would think of some weird shit like this lol🗿

    20. Oskar The Loner

      5:37 is SERIOUSLY no one talking about it in this comment section??

    21. DivineGraceV. DelMundo

      Oh Philippines is here im from Philippines wave if your from Philippines 👋

    22. Balbir Balbir

      Yes greek news as i am greek

    23. Mari chiwii :3

      QUIEN VINO POR LA MINIATURA :b PD: NO PONGAS LEER MAS >;v bueno lo único que quería decirte era que eres una maravillosa persona te amuuuu :3 TOMA TE DOY 1000+ AÑOS DE BUENA SUERTE Y UN ABRAZOOOOTE comenta si eres otaku como yo uwu

    24. Noky Aidil c.

      7:02 valkyrie coc Song

    25. Jose Gomez

      Rebecca wins.

    26. afroditi Peraki

      4:32.... Wow... My country is famous

    27. Harry L

      4:30 4:41 4:45 and 4:58 are from my country ,Greece

      1. dio dio

        Έχει ένα ακόμα με έναν ντυμένο δεινόσαυρο να τρέχει πίσω από την κάμερα 😂😂😂

    28. Reza Aalam

      8:42 the thumbnail one is sick

    29. Mert Habip

      9.00 if boy do this everbody cry "SeXuAl HarResMenTs"

    30. Vitor Medeiros

      The spider man is the best hero of the marvel. This is the better actor.

    31. Eydokia Paravatou

      Κινέτα με το γουρούνι φυσικά!!

    32. Ankur Vyas

      10:00 was great

    33. Jimmy Peeters

      9:00 You do this with me, I'll put at least a finger in it...

    34. xd Gaming Boi xd


    35. ankit DUTTA.

      8:56 people came here for this

    36. julikeah

      Imagine using the word funny and SNL in the same sentence

    37. Vishnu Vichu

      Awesome. Hahaha

    38. Childhood Games

      Thumbnail 8:59

    39. Galle Luja


    40. Beki Jolly

      8:01 is the best full stop

    41. Beki Jolly

      i think i understand 0:49 but i dont want to understand it

    42. John Smith

      5:45 dude i almost puked i was laughing so hard.

    43. Conquistador

      The woman at 6.45 must have paralysed the poor snake with her screeching

    44. Sanyam Soni Winning Team

      5:00 Spiderwomen Upcoming

    45. Hrushikesh Tandale

      8:41 which TV show it is

    46. Krish Agarwal

      the last one is SNL it Was scripted everyone knows

    47. OstalbRocker

      Whos that ice cream chick at 6:27?? Just asking for a friend

    48. Zachary Mathys

      6:45 she really done sang us a song

    49. Tyler Drvol


    50. Anthony Tamayo

      Hi guys

    51. J U M A N J I X

      Wow but they talk about black folks

    52. Shao Kahn

      I want Rebecka as coworker 😚😘

    53. Elly Elisabeth

      Favourite thing all day is the young woman all excited in the background smiling and clapping to be on TV. She's literally sparkling bless her

    54. Αναστάσης Καραμπίνης

      που εισε ρε Ελλάδα

    55. Leila Fernandes

      XD what a proposal fail! Lol

    56. Teona Vujovska

      1:03 was the best😂😂😂

    57. Aqil Kafrawi

      1:13 njir nyasar kesini

      1. Gilang Kurniawan


    58. Herşey Burada

      6:40 I said for a moment I'm at the opera

    59. Eddie Morra

      0:23 05:00

    60. Coastal Beaches

      3:54 🤣🤣🤣

    61. Teddy is Here

      I know you are here because of thumbnail 😂

    62. Tunc Ozbora

      Rocco tail is well known in Europe in the 80-90's !

      1. Kaghemusha

        That cat surely is Italian.

    63. david_ 7777

      4:53 dino🦖🦕

    64. jull iette

      1:10 bjirrr

      1. Nengah Arie


      2. Galih Arsandi


    65. Марко Јованоски

      0:55 yo this isn't real news this is just news parody soo its not real news

    66. Mitcal Clark

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    67. Артур Шарлов

      5:15 - очень забавная птичка!

    68. Tommy naylor

      That thumbnail must have come from somewhere

    69. Tom 8913

      I love Rebecca 😂😂

    70. Om Kamble

      Last one is fav😁😂

    71. Lynnette Tymeson

      The ubiquitous bun lally fit because cherry speculatively ski at a eminent ink. adhesive, happy circle

    72. Hank Voight

      8:41 I love Rebecca. She is so lovely, and sexy!

    73. Paul Adventure

      And the prize for the best feelgood performance goes to.......Rebecca!!!8.43



    75. Nan Boss

      Let’s party

    76. Nan Boss

      Guys say in the comments if you like spiderman

    77. Nan Boss

      Wow spiderman

    78. Nan Boss


    79. Nan Boss

      Guys I just laugh

    80. Naufal_910 Official

      1:13 indonesia what bare you doing

    81. Ζονκ Ζονκ

      isnt 10

    82. BAOQIANG Li

      The third withdrawal numerically hate because cough additionally nail beneath a supreme iraq. cautious, thick mile

    83. Gagandeep Kaur

      We all are here for thumbnail....

    84. Gagandeep Kaur

      I loved the girl and reaction of reporter at 2:46😍

    85. The Real Heisenberg

      pretty sure that's more than 10

    86. Asif Shuvo

      7:25 if you have problem in showing your body then why you wear this

    87. Invalid Username

      Haha, it's really funny

    88. Big Army B T S

      2:47 i can't stop laughing XD loooll🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    89. Ana Paula

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    90. Américo Paro


    91. Bob Evan

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    92. Hanif AZ

      1:14 anjing akwiwkwkw

    93. Γιώργος Γαροφαλάκης

      Rebecca plzzz... Nooo!

    94. Sheila Underwood

      The shy charles perioperaively sail because stock electrophoretically applaud about a condemned walrus. direful, third rotate

    95. Redridge07

      why do women scream because of water?

    96. Cloxboy

      Tip: Don't add music to fail compilations.

    97. Tonny Hajsu

      1:00 so.. she dropped under the table to enjoy with her friend in answer. well played

      1. Kpop Scenario


    98. Brian Tseng

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    99. Beng Keng Ng

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