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    1. Mara Santos

      🙄bad selection....not funny😒

    2. April Lewis

      The economic museum preferentially note because pike aetiologically trace versus a perpetual care. sedate, idiotic swing

    3. Rhyme is my Crime

      Amazing!)) ha-ha)) 😊

    4. David Mckale

      At 8:00 that bear is definitely trying to get out and is struggling

    5. Brian Dermott

      Investment is the quickest path to gaining financial freedom,successful people don’t get there overnight. What most people see at a glance-over,a great career is the result of hard work and hustle over time

      1. Spencer Franklin

        Well crypto and forex trading is a very lucrative short term investment, it’s easier when you have a professional to guide you on strategies to avoid loss and maximize profits

    6. Thoughtful

      @6.15 ball in her face. No crying. No whining. No fake smile to pretend it's all banter. Just runs off mid interview to exact revenge and smack some faces.

    7. Ben Mouser

      4:18 is the most professional reporter i have ever seen

    8. lυcιfєя

      4:25 that's bullying

    9. Impulse zr

      2:46 that was the weirdest sequence of events and I died laughing 😂

    10. ST - Interesting Moments Today

      *Look at the moment when the reporter has a cream cake in his face, he doesn't seem very happy*

    11. Pratham Sunuwar

      0:45 does anyone know her? It’s for a friend 👀

    12. Is Hi

      Who’s the girl at 44 Seconds

    13. Gonzo Delphiki

      5:28 is funnier than the entirety of Dumb and Dumber Too... With that said, the original Dumb and Dumber is one of the absolute funniest movies ever...but the sequel should have ended up in the trash bin.

    14. Jon Connor

      6:07 the moment every man would realize they have a foot fetish.

    15. Kerem

      0:45 girl you need me IMMEDIATELY!

    16. Md Shahin Alam Ridoy

      S❤️Y......... 🇧🇩

    17. Apoorva

      0:45 seriously!🙄

      1. Sameer Sen

        Well if she meant that , still you can't.😂

    18. Trending Countdown

      Can't Stop Laughing😂😂. Love your videos ❤❤

    19. Arman Yousaf


    20. Zio Lan

      Jim Carey did something that made me like “man that’s totally a Jim Carrey move right there”

    21. Kittykatelyn Romilly

      4:17 "No way are you guys seeing this?" "Yeah dude! Look at his cool outfit!" "No way bro! I want one!" "Ayo stranger! Can I steal this?" "Nah dog! This mine I nibbled on it first!" "Nah nah, last I checked, I nibbled on it first" "Oof well suck salt for y'all ima steal his Mic!" "Nah dog! I want his Mic!" Guy: "Oh lord help me :')"

    22. 7DTD FiL

      Celebrity Juice isn't live TV...

    23. TERMINATOR X7755


    24. alpha annonces

      4:32 😁😁😁😁

    25. Tegar Nalle

      LMAO IM IN TEARS 5:47 🤣🤣

    26. morena y ezequiel

      que mierda esto

    27. KRIX

      what is the name of this episode 5:56

    28. Jakub Dvorský


    29. Clay P.

      7:14 I laughed for like 2 straight mins

    30. Swarnendu Banerjee

      5:30 Jim carrey the great.... Love him❤❤❤

    31. Jose Peixoto

      hate this clickbait BS

    32. KENSHI

      0:46 ill do it

    33. عبدالله الشمري

      استغفر الله الله يسامحكم

    34. Dk Dk


    35. Sai Gadkar

      2:05 funny ?...r u serious

    36. Ritesh Sinsinwar


    37. Benito Franklyn

      why do people not get click bait/fake thumbnails, are you all really that dumb?

    38. olo YT

      Cops in 2021 be like 6:38

    39. olo YT

      Cops in 2021 be like 6:39

    40. olo YT

      3:02 what a loser

    41. Raghav Gupta

      5:47 i dont understand what he said but he was in water ._. i was like wha-

    42. Александр

      0:45 why are you gay

    43. SkIzOjImBo

      That chicken was so cool! "I like baseball that's all." He was so friendly! 😊

    44. Jo C

      have trouble counting to 10?

    45. Guy Ferz

      6:52 Alistar Overeem lmaooooo bro

      1. Cano

        LOL no mercy

    46. Thomas Daily

      4:27 Dude, can we get a little crowd control here???

      1. Art Risk

        My guy is famous

    47. Thomas Daily

      3:40 My eyes are bleeding from the reindeer suit.

    48. Thomas Daily

      0:49 Nice. Her parents must be so proud.

      1. Giyuu Tomioka

        @Ehmmy Foure stfu whemehn

      2. Krono

        @Ehmmy Foure Jesus Christ i understand your tryna be a feminist but you are ruining their reputation and a woman who wants to be equal. Your just being a bratty ass hat

      3. Art Risk

        @Ehmmy Foure btw why is he a hypocrite just go back to Twitter ffs

      4. Art Risk

        @Ehmmy Foure that's the thing we keep it private doing this thing in public and thinking u r cool is just disgusting

      5. black dragon7 3

        @Ehmmy Foure I understand that You Are a girl and probably trying to defend her, but you Can't assume thing like that. I mean, calm down. Nobody cares.

    49. Troy Zalias

      two funny clips ...the rest is shite

    50. sadid hasan

      5.47 op

    51. mustafiz rahman

      5:49 He 😶.....really REALLY meant that 👌

    52. agatha purple

      I like this channel.. no talking, just right to the point 👌

    53. Tanmay Bawankar

      Tonk stark ke nam pe popat banata hai tu

    54. PANCONCHILE 1283

      6:15 Siempre la misma wea wn

    55. Taylor LaGrow

      1:27 dont worry her sand seal just went to early. He is off camera

    56. Whipper McTingle

      Trust me, move the video to 7:12. It's very worth it.

    57. Ahlam Khan

      3:02 hahahaha

    58. Jundy

      Guys, just search for "sarah shahi late late show" on youtube. You'll find what you guys came for :dddd

    59. RidiPwn


    60. Michelle Santos


    61. Aquascape Faddo & Tips

      2:05 😂😂

    62. Al Fa

      Damn I got click baited by the thumbnail

      1. Al Fa

        @Jundy No thanks. She belong to the streets anyway.

      2. Jundy

        You can search for "sarah shahi late late show" on youtube.

    63. Zadreck

      7:30 the best

    64. ْ

      4:16 IRAQ 😁🖤

      1. Falcon IQ


      2. Islamben123 Islam


    65. Lawrence James Carter

      Nice video man.....wats the title of the track you use in the video?....

    66. Diogo Amaral


    67. Patlu Dhanwar Prem

      dish video not lick

    68. Y Alz

      Where is the leg?????!!!

      1. Jundy

        You can search for "sarah shahi late late show" on youtube. :d

    69. Love Music


    70. J B

      Pink shirt's thought process @ 0:46 "Plz be 18....plz be 18....plz be 18"

      1. olo YT

        @Irshad Jahangir ye

      2. Irshad Jahangir

        I think she knew the reporter

    71. abdul wahid

      it can have atleast ten more pakistani funny moments caught on live TV.... its very common in pakistan

      1. ᏦîNᎶ øƒ He͛LL

        in Russia too

      2. Art Risk

        @Ehmmy Foure he means to say that this happens more in Pakistan which means they are probably from Pakistan so they will know better, problem?

      3. Ehmmy Foure

        The world is a big place. Pakistan isn't special and funny moments happen every minute.

    72. SexyMoans

      6:09 she did that on purpose just to rub her foot against his...

      1. EverythingWithAW

        @CrossImpacT Gaming She is an actress. She starred in The Vampire Diaries and XXX : Return of Xander Cage

      2. SexyMoans

        @CrossImpacT GamingYour welcome. No she's not, she's not certified. But she could be a yoga instructor she once said.

      3. CrossImpacT Gaming

        @SexyMoans okay thanks.. So she really is yoga trainer..?

      4. SexyMoans

        @CrossImpacT Gaming Nina dobrev

      5. CrossImpacT Gaming

        what's her name..?

    73. Sp1cuLe

      0:47 lezzgo XD

    74. Kilmer Ordoñez

      Muy divertido 😂

    75. Florian / [FGG] _IMPER1UM_ ; [2FGG] DA1N_FLOR1AN_

      Can someone give me the link to the full version of this one: 6:52 ?

    76. Azzdiin Sonna


    77. Nikkolas Von Wolfrom

      The man @ 7:15. He winds.

    78. AJ313

      Lmao...I'm glad I'm back...it helps with my multiple sclerosis....thank you...stay safe everyone..

    79. финландия ruslan

      👈Салом достлар финландияга ишга кзикадиганлар Сизга бу👈ерга отинг,факат стройка об болиб койинг фойдаси тегиб колар Худохохласа, хаммага рахмат, Достлар😊☺😍👍ва

    80. Tommi dreierström

      haha watha king! 3:01


      You Omg

    82. David Anderegg

      Click bait. Typical non existent thumbnail

      1. Jundy

        @KILLS You can search for "sarah shahi late late show" on youtube. :dd

      2. KILLS

        thanks you saved me

    83. Sufyan editz

      5:48 😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣

      1. LeROiTituS 2.0


      2. Roca




    85. Ritesh Ram

      My man at 0:46 pretty sure had a good time after that.

    86. aza uld

      Please tell me the title of the track at the end of the video

    87. vivek samadhan

      भाई जिसको सरकारी EXAM को तैयारी करना है वो 🤔🤔🤔🤔आ जावो अपना दोस्त🤗🤗🤗 समझ के 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    88. Murat Talipbaev


    89. Arturo Alvarado




    91. Niku Subrat Borah

      Love you bro 💕😘

    92. Naty

      I loved my god, kk

      1. Dawit Kassahun

        Who is ur God

    93. Arthur morgan


    94. moulay idriss El Moussaoui


    95. salaar khattak


    96. KusH awall

      Love from Nepal

    97. Sketchy Shitz