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    1. CIDO Jonatas rodrix

      Vc sabe pq o TRlocal recomendou esse vídeo?: Não Vc vai Assistir até o final?: Sim Kkkkkkk

    2. areyouserious???

      2:26 This... This is amazing.

    3. Dino T-Rex

      2:10 boy vs girl Not fair 😢😂🤣

    4. Collie TV

      Me: Sorry babe, got a drag race. Her: But my parents aren't home. Me: 4:30

    5. Mazlux 17

      Where are all the comments?

    6. jordan max

      No cricket useless video

    7. jordan max

      Useless video no cricket 🏏

    8. june Bradshaw

      The wiry ghost neurophysiologically collect because dragon serologically face anenst a whimsical coin. political, well-off actress

    9. gregory michael

      6:58 would go with the déjà vu meme

    10. Sureshstephen Sugumar

      2:20 amazing

    11. OrthorizedRebel

      How is the pool shot one in a million?

    12. HUN7ER

      Thumbnail bait. give a dislike for YT algorithm.

    13. niduoe stre

      The moped guy was tired of sitting on his ass and decided to mimic the cyclist. He thought, hey good idea!

    14. Bruno Bruno

      12 Millions de vues pour une jambe a terre et l'autre sur le billard .. Ca se trouve elle est joue avec un tampon ...

      1. Bruno Bruno

        You You ... professionnel de la branlette

    15. Art King2002

      The deer is the best one ☝️ 😂

    16. Andrew North

      The military prosecution additionally switch because action remarkably advise outside a flowery pine. yielding, bumpy word

    17. Knneth Sanders

      Your Compassion, Your Truthfulness, Your Principles, and Your Morals Are Wonderful Attributes Video greeting from MP Judy Sgro MP Judy Sgro, one of the co-chairs of the Falun Gong Parliamentary Friendship Group, sent a video greeting to honor the 29th anniversary of the public introduction of Falun Dafa. She said in the video, “Your compassion, your truthfulness, your principles, and your morals are wonderful attributes to all of you. We should continue to focus on issues of freedom, respect, and love for each other as we continue to build a better Canada and a better world. “Congratulations to all you celebrating virtually. I look forward to the time we can meet on Parliament Hill,” she said.

      1. niduoe stre

        Downvote for garbage music and the WATER MARK ON THE VIDEO WTF MAN?

    18. Fabian A Maximo

      Faltó el gol de Maradona a los ingleses.

    19. Oruç Turan


    20. Anthony Phung

      The damaging quilt lilly invite because actor regularly borrow atop a billowy susan. burly, incredible colt

    21. Danz

      I closed the video after 10 secs. If you know Steph Curry this is not a 1 in a million moment.


      The video more then the thumbnail ❤️

    23. aririkarin

      4:23 thumbnail

    24. Acestia Deviluke Ch.

      5:08 "BUT HIS BIKE, TAKES OFF WITH A VENGEANCE" ngl, that's good lol

    25. Pratyay Rakshit

      0:20 imagine doing that stunt and shooting outside the goal

    26. Michaelangelo Liriano

      Some things were 1 I a million crazy, but you put so many normal things in this vid!!!! Stuff you just do thanks to training and can do multiple times like it's nothing....

    27. Nature and Life

      Sports are by struggle.

    28. f l o w n

      pretty thumb 👍

    29. Left4Coragem

      The deer pushing the ball into the goal was more imprecise than any soccer player.

    30. EvrydayTrader

      that soccer goal is nothing special

    31. QuarrelALT

      Downvote for garbage music and the WATER MARK ON THE VIDEO WTF MAN?

    32. Steve Acho

      All soccer goals are one in a million, because there are so few of them.

    33. Peter The Learner

      C'mon, In the case of Steph Curry the odds is more like 1 in 2 hundred, SMH.

    34. bg se

      The annoyed uganda undesirably connect because charles gully sprout upon a sticky rice. hesitant, righteous morocco

    35. Adam

      Buy safemoon

    36. NL H

      7:06, guy on that scooter went (8O

    37. jack Heshad

      Those things looks ordinary compared to things happening in cricket

    38. neonwired

      1 IN A MILLION??? seems to just be sports people being good at sports

    39. Grexeus

      THUMBNAIL : "4:24"

    40. pam4840

      That bike is possessed.

    41. André Luís

      3:43 Shohei?

    42. josue_ CR

      4:23 de nada,ahora mis likes :)

    43. RUDOLFT Marroquin


    44. Ali Ahmed

      اخر حاجه كنت اتوقعها ماتش في الدوري المصري وصلنا العالمية خلاص 😅😂

    45. Invisible

      8:10 thumbnail thank me later

    46. Bruno Elo

      What's the song?

    47. Arahok

      3:23 he is riding their bike, no... wait...

    48. Samantha E.

      i can believe every one of these happened except the bike LIKE WHAT ?

    49. sir pebbles

      That 5:05 bike proves demons exist. Someone call an exorcist

    50. John Doe

      2:31 my future wife

    51. Humbled Hermit

      Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior.

    52. John Doe

      Only clicked the video because of the pool girl/1:1,000,000. Smh

    53. SheenVR

      this is the most shit video i've ever seen

    54. SaraAnn Borthwick


    55. hen ko

      Thanks for 450 ❤️❤️❤️ Ab 500 karwa do ❤️❤️❤️ Love u all ❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️😂😂

    56. Michael Williams

      I make that pool shot every Friday night in my basement opposite handed with my buddies.

    57. Smith VR

      Those motorcycle wipe outs are unreal.

    58. Cool Awesome Boi YT

      The thumbnail brought you here, didnt it you perv?

    59. hey glitchy

      yo steph makes this daily

      1. hen ko

        That thumb nail though

    60. Nathanael Humber

      Is the undefeated team 254 in this

      1. Nathanael Humber

        Sadly not

    61. Tariq Yaqub

      Bitterly disappointed about the pool normal shot after the hype!!

    62. parkerbohnn

      Darryl Sittler's 10 point night.

    63. ayyxnz

      simpbait thumbnails be li

    64. Luiz E Cristina Pereira


    65. Co Pilots

      Come for 4:22 but stayed for 4:45

    66. Marco m

      gottes willen. bitte noch näher die kamera

    67. Hemshem

      sliding into her dms like 5:25

    68. Erbmon Sodillepa

      5:27 OK that was incredible ngl but DEAR GOD HIS LITTLE RUN AFTERWARDS IS HILARIOUS lol

    69. Mark Collins

      Great video‼️ Subscribe‼️‼️

    70. Erbmon Sodillepa

      4:45 even deer play soccer better than I do :'v

    71. Fyuri

      5:12 WTF IM DYING

    72. TSA Elpaco TSA

      Yessir theres Latvia in the video

    73. hassan saeed

      That thumb nail though

    74. Helene Dahlsveen

      I’m not at all into sports, but seeing athletes help each other and care for each other like the guy who helped the other runner to finish. It warms my heart. That being said, they are all truly inspiring

    75. Abhishek Mandal


    76. Shadow7531

      Most of these aren’t 1 in a million moments , there just players being good

    77. turdbergler1

      the chick is literally only there for the clickbait. like she didnt even do anything that wild tho? ive seen 100s of people take shots like that.


      Can you Crack The Code?

    79. Jeff Simpson

      4:21 I know why your really here

    80. J P

      On the video of the girl making that shot on the “Snooker Table.” I would of been her back support by standing in back of her and holding on to her firmly. That way she wouldn’t accidentally slip off the table and hurt herself. 😉

    81. Penny Stackhouse

      You literally put the snooker clip in there so you could legit use it as a thumbnail. That's a standard shot, not 1 in a million.

    82. Young Fago

      Dear me , no one is gonna mention the 🦌 deer

    83. Steven Leu

      Hate it when they take a random girl vid for thumbnail

    84. 30 Days

      If you look closely at 4:22, you can see that she's actually playing pool/billiards.

    85. John Faria

      Song name please

    86. DarkAnimeAngel2006

      The deer made my day 4:45 ☺️👍

    87. EDGE FX

      Whats the name of the song or instrumental

    88. Donald Trumpp

      Trump 2025 💪💪💪💪

    89. Martin Super

      the thumbnail is always some chicks ass or tatas.

    90. Suresh M

      Whats the moment in a million with that left handed snooker shot

    91. Laxy


    92. acuario 83

      Para mi el mejor deporte el de mas adrenalina y el mas peligroso, es el de las motos gp.

    93. Em Spearing

      THIS is what sports is for, to uplift, to inspire, to amaze, to cheer, and to escape the dour and dangerous world and grinding divisive politics. NOT to generate more of the same.

    94. ZERO Remix

      who jst came for the thumbnail

    95. Hc ç

      1:48 *remembers karate kid*

    96. youssef sayed

      3:54 احسن يا انبي

    97. Anarch Comm

      5:31 that was so casual.. some of these are great.

    98. J K

      W H I T E G I R L A S S

    99. Iulia Oanca

      0 0:07

    100. Moto TV E

      Snooker gang where you at?👑