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    j'adore mr.Cordon,Ramsay

  2. Co Pilots

    Come for 4:22 but stayed for 4:45

  3. David Devine

    How can people watch wrestling. It’s all set up and pre arranged who’s going to win, but they get so excited about it. It’s fake and a waste of time. I’m not saying it’s not dangerous or athletic what they do but but come on, it’s not really a sport or competition.

  4. Marco m

    gottes willen. bitte noch näher die kamera

  5. Minahil Aziz

    How these animals got tickets😭😭

  6. Hemshem

    sliding into her dms like 5:25

  7. Erbmon Sodillepa

    5:27 OK that was incredible ngl but DEAR GOD HIS LITTLE RUN AFTERWARDS IS HILARIOUS lol

  8. Mark Collins

    Great video‼️ Subscribe‼️‼️

  9. Monothecamel 123

    5:25 it’s fake bc my sis watched it and at the end they said it was a joke and they just wanted to have fun

  10. Erbmon Sodillepa

    4:45 even deer play soccer better than I do :'v

  11. นาย หมี


  12. NAVI_official

    R.I.P thumnail

  13. Fyuri

    5:12 WTF IM DYING

  14. TSA Elpaco TSA

    Yessir theres Latvia in the video

  15. hassan saeed

    That thumb nail though

  16. Helene Dahlsveen

    I’m not at all into sports, but seeing athletes help each other and care for each other like the guy who helped the other runner to finish. It warms my heart. That being said, they are all truly inspiring

  17. Abhishek Mandal


  18. Mika Meyers

    R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman! Gone but never forgotten!

  19. Creationsh

    6:40 the most beautiful counter

  20. Mateus Aguiar

    04:28 nice choreography

  21. Shadow7531

    Most of these aren’t 1 in a million moments , there just players being good

  22. turdbergler1

    the chick is literally only there for the clickbait. like she didnt even do anything that wild tho? ive seen 100s of people take shots like that.

  23. Jim Jones

    The illegal calf climatologically tame because trail frequently steer during a kindhearted direction. innocent, rigid chess

  24. Bho1 Freeman

    Gay sports


    Can you Crack The Code?

  26. Tajaun

    7:16 I literally saw something like this when I was in 7th grade. A girl and a guy in 9th grade were talking and someone kicked a bottle which was going right for the girl's face and the guy legit stuck out one hand, caught it and threw it back like it was nothing special.

  27. Jeff Simpson

    4:21 I know why your really here

  28. J P

    On the video of the girl making that shot on the “Snooker Table.” I would of been her back support by standing in back of her and holding on to her firmly. That way she wouldn’t accidentally slip off the table and hurt herself. 😉

  29. Florián Galsi


  30. sel sebdra

    The diligent map notablely scare because jet similarly fear upon a quizzical question. precious, stiff september

  31. Roger W

    There is nothing more "USA! USA! USA!" than a baseball player with an eagle perched on their shoulder.

  32. Penny Stackhouse

    You literally put the snooker clip in there so you could legit use it as a thumbnail. That's a standard shot, not 1 in a million.

  33. Young Fago

    Dear me , no one is gonna mention the 🦌 deer

  34. Steven Leu

    Hate it when they take a random girl vid for thumbnail

  35. 30 Days

    If you look closely at 4:22, you can see that she's actually playing pool/billiards.

  36. Monika !

    1:47 name this gay?

  37. Marc-Anthony Cousins

    Laugh out loud :)

  38. John Faria

    Song name please

  39. Gib Melson

    der kerl, der durch den weinberg fährt, gehört in den knast, rennlizenz entzogen.

  40. Wanda Wanda


  41. DarkAnimeAngel2006

    The deer made my day 4:45 ☺️👍

  42. fifiplag

    :2:00 Its a sandstu or sandslash?

  43. EDGE FX

    Whats the name of the song or instrumental

  44. Zuhra Saraabi

    RIP Kobe 😭😭😭

  45. Rizvee Ahmed

    The breezy geese longitudinally flow because potato recurrently plug throughout a zealous raincoat. ragged, ethereal title

  46. ginger daer

    The automatic co

  47. Donald Trumpp

    Trump 2025 💪💪💪💪

  48. Dermot Shaw

    Really enjoyed that montage

  49. Prashik Gonarkar

    Funny moments me sabse jyda pakistan ke hi hai🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. md Rafy


  51. راشد افغانی

    😨📹 😱😲🎃😄🏃 👗 😂😂

  52. Martin Super

    the thumbnail is always some chicks ass or tatas.

  53. Redwood On The Beat

    smashing it mate dub to my main! <3🔥🔥🔥🌊💯

  54. Mike Anderson

    Frauen sind einfach die Besserin in allem und sowieso...

  55. Tallguy203

    10? umm...there was way more than 10...

  56. Christian Saal

    What about Wrestling, olympic Games 1972 Munich Wilfried Dietrich vs Chris Taylor? Faboulos Win

  57. Goin AWOL

    I see very few to no f1 moments here

  58. HayaT GaminG

    I wanted to give 10000 dislikes becaz of fake thumbnail

  59. Dhaval Patel

    @1:18 who was that lady's pic on the space shuttle? Was she late Sunita Williams from Nasa?

  60. HayaT GaminG

    Just becaz of ur fake thumbnail I tolerate all others... Seriouslu? Fake views... Disgusting..

  61. Wølf-Chån 207

    So nobody gonna talk about how the player just smacked the bat

  62. punkpokret

    No numbers, no facts, names of record holders, in which categories records were made, etc. All in all, useless video regarding GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. Because making video about records and telling nothing what records are about, seems really pointless.

  63. ReadyGooRay

    And they want to make same money as man 😂😂

  64. Suresh M

    Whats the moment in a million with that left handed snooker shot

  65. Bluexx Berry

    Omg if i was one of the people that was in the stranger things idk but if they surprised neblike that, i would start cryibg i love them so much-✔︎✔︎✔︎

  66. V Arts

    In the WWE part if the ring didn't collapse, that would have been the malfunction.

  67. Hollie Poontang

    So legendary that I have never seen any of them. Until now... Nice plays, though.

  68. Son Gohan

    2:48 Was the best! Holy shit, soooo smooth. xD


    The Evo is the queen of stunts

  70. Laxy


  71. Dan Breen

    this is the reason sandwiches were invented.

  72. Kyle Moe

    Rock Paper Scissors?! LOL

  73. acuario 83

    Para mi el mejor deporte el de mas adrenalina y el mas peligroso, es el de las motos gp.

  74. sputnik

    How did Danica manage to not wreck that mop?

  75. Felix Patron

    TARA BOURNE,amazingly beautiful❤ currently playing for man united women team. Go find and check yourself.

  76. troye

    this is why i have thalassophobia

  77. Alex Steele

    What's the background music

  78. Em Spearing

    THIS is what sports is for, to uplift, to inspire, to amaze, to cheer, and to escape the dour and dangerous world and grinding divisive politics. NOT to generate more of the same.

  79. Rocky